31 Days Of Horror 2020 Presents Gilbert Speaks On: Believers

Ghosts! Spirits! Just saying the word, GHOST, will send shivers down many a person’s spine. But…Granny has been seeing the dead since I was a toddler. I offer a friendlier view of the spirit world.

A few of my psychic/medium friends had suggested a paranormal show for me to watch. I was hesitant to check out Believers because so many of the ghost investigation shows that I’ve watched so far offer very little fright. There are a few shows that get it right, like Haunted Collector and The Dead Files, but for the most part, the other investigative shows have me switching channels within the first fifteen minutes.

Believers, from Karga Seven Pictures, is a paranormal show on the Travel Channel that uses archived material and interviews to tell eyewitness accounts of hauntings. Paranormal tales can be terrifying for the uninitiated, and who hasn’t been frightened by a ghost story around a campfire? The first season of Believers consists of eight episodes, but it is the second episode, Nervous Wreck, that I want to talk about…what I saw was not what the producers, or the people involved with the haunting understood.

Nervous Wreck

Actor Joe Finfera plays the part of Chuck Parry, a man who owns a junkyard for wrecks and old cars.  One night, June 16, 2008, the police deliver a car that was in an accident. The police tell Chuck, that the female driver had died at the scene, but was resuscitated by the paramedics and is now in a coma at the hospital. On June 18th, the husband of the accident victim comes to the junkyard to pick up his wife’s belongings that are still in the car. The husband is visibly destressed as he packs everything, including his wife’s cell phone into a cardboard box.

Suddenly, the husband’s cell phone rings and it is the wife, but his wife is in a coma, and the husband has her cell in the cardboard box. Chuck and the husband chalk it off to a freak incident. Later that night Chuck finds that the back fence is unlocked. He knows that he locked it. Chuck relocks the gate, but as he walks away, the gate swings open again, freaking out Chuck, who then rushes back to the office to check the security tape. Are the neighborhood kids playing a prank on him?

On the security tape, Chuck sees that the gate was indeed locked, but the tape shows the gate opening by itself, even after Chuck locked it the second time. The next few days are quiet until he sees on the security camera that the door to the car is open. Chuck goes to investigate the car and he hears voices from inside of the car. He hears a woman’s voice coming from the radio. The radio has a lot of static, but Chuck hears clearly the woman saying, “It’s me.” Chuck is extremely freaked out and is afraid that he is losing his mind.

On June 21st, while Chuck is doing paperwork, he sees on the security camera something moving in the junkyard. It is a bright figure of a woman floating around the junkyard. She has on a white shirt and has her hair up in a bun. Chuck calls the police. The same officer who brought the car to the junkyard shows up.  Chuck shows the police officer the footage. The officer recognizes the woman on the tape. The image of the spirit matches the description of the woman in the coma. The officer tells Chuck that at the time of the image on the tape, the family had been advised to take the woman off the ventilator.

My Interpretation

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I’ve been seeing spirits since I was a toddler. Luckily for me, my parents had the same gifts, and they did not tell me it was all in my head, because they were seeing the same spirits. The dead don’t scare me. They are the souls of people who lived in this world and have now shed their bodies. They are not here to scare us. I have only met two scary spirits, and I wrote about one of them here on Biff Bam Pop.

When I worked in the Intensive Care Unit as the Unit Clerk, I often witnessed patients who had been in a coma for weeks or months, waking up and telling the nursing staff how they had been able to visit their families even though their bodies were at that hospital. They told of events that they were unable to know. The only explanation was that their souls were able to leave the body.

What I think happened with Chuck Parry was that he witnessed Mrs. Moore, the woman who was in a coma, trying desperately to contact her husband through him. She was able to ring her husband’s cell phone because spirits can manipulate electrical things like phones, car radios, and security cameras. Was she trying to tell someone not to take her off life support? Did Mrs. Moore pick Chuck Parry because his psychic abilities were much stronger than that of her family’s? This is what I picked up as I watched the episode. I would recommend watching Believers and especially S01 E02 and let me know what you get from the series.

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