The Week in Horror: Clowns, The Witches, The Mortuary Collection

Hey, fiends! Welcome back to your weekly dose of horror news high lights! Did you know…that killer clowns are back, across the country?? 2020 knew what we were missing, haha!

In horror-adjacent news, Roald Dahl’s The Witches adaptation is coming to HBO Max with Anne Hathaway starring. This will be the second cinematic go at the book, the 90s original starred Anjelica Huston and was a fairly disturbing and edgy kids movie. This one looks a little less so, but who knows? It does look well made, so might be a good bet for those of you with kids.

Clancy Brown is returning to horror in the Shudder original film, The Mortuary Collection! Brown, aka the voice of Mr Crabs, has been in some great genre films, like Highlander, Pet Semetery 2, and John Dies At The End. Now, he seems to be channeling a bit of Angus Scrimm’s Tall Man from the Phantasm franchise, as an old mortuary caretaker on the cusp of retirement recounting five of his craziest encounters to the a new employee. It looks like a ton of fun and I can’t wait to see it.

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