Exclusive Interview: Writer/Director Paul Feig Brings Other Space To DUST

Paul Feig is one of the biggest writer/directors in Hollywood, having been the brains behind Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids, The Heat, Ghostbusters: Answer The Call and A Simple Favor. No doubt you’ve heard of at least one or two or all of those. But you may not have heard of Other Space, the show he created for Yahoo! Screen back in 2015.

Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t even heard of Yahoo! Screen. Unfortunately, you’re not alone, as Yahoo!’s attempt at generating their own unique tv content didn’t work out the way they planned, and Other Space, Feig’s comedy about a novice space crew in the year 2105 gets sucked through a portal into a new universe. However, the series is now getting a new lease on life on DUST, an online tv portal and app devoted science fiction, from feature films to short films, series and podcasts. DUST’s current content library features more than 400 cutting-edge stories, and as of August 1st, Other Space joins its ranks. The show is very, very funny and it’s nice to see it getting a new lease on life.

Earlier this month, I had the chance to talk to Paul Feig about the history of Other Space, why DUST is its new home, how he’s been coping during Covid-19 times, and more. It was a big thrill for me to talk to Paul, who Ghostbuster‘s film is a huge favourite of mine and The Princess. Thanks to Paul for his time and to Laura and Alli at Scandal Co-Active for helping make it happen.

You can listen to our interview below.




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