Figure Friday Stays Seated And Goes To Comic-Con @Home

It’s Figure Friday and Comic-Con @Home is full swing as I type this an the figure reveals and exclusives are coming fast and furious (but no The Fast and The Furious figures as far as I know). Let’s look at some! Home

McFarlane Toys/ DC Multiverse

McFarlane Toys unveiled a whole slew of new DC Multiverse figures and they’re Batman…Batman…and more Batman. To be fair, I’m finally getting The Flash figure I was hoping for, one in a Flash/Red Death 2-pack and one single packed release. Both Flashes are almost identical but have slightly different head sculpts it would appear. At first glance, I’m not 100% on either version but I’ll wait until I see them in person before passing final judgement.

Also on the way are the Flashpoint Thomas Wayne Batman, Curse of the White Knight Azrael, Joker, Cyborg (animated), and a Red Hood/Nightwing 2-pack. There’s also a Dark Knights Metal-centric wave.

Marvel Legends

I’m not really an avid collector of the Marvel Legends line of figures anymore but it seems like they’re FINALLY getting the idea that the Adult Collector market is clamoring for X-Men figures from their recent cinematic outings along with some of the more risqué R-rated films.

Yes, you’ll finally be able to reenact the best and/or most depressing X-film Logan with a Logan and Professor X 2-pack. Or if you’d rather be annoyingly meta you can dress up AS Deadpool and play with the Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead 2-pack. Break that fourth wall.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Musical Mutagen Tour 4-pack

From the “What Hath God Wrought?” file, we’re getting a TMNT figure set that depicts the Turtles as they appeared on their 1990 concert tour. Yes, that was a real thing that happened and it’s just as insane as it sounds. By that time in my youth my TMNT fandom was on the wane so I did not attend the tour but…wow do I wish I had. Just having a chance to be part of that madness would have been one for the scrapbook.


Personally, I feel that if you’re a TMNT fan you’ll either love or hate this set…there’s simply no in between. This set was on my radar simply because it exists and that is amazing. I would have never imagined that we would be getting TMNT movie action figures let alone figures based on their rock and roll concert tour. What a time to be alive…

Invader Zim with Minimoose Pop! Vinyl

Pop! Vinyls are fairly omnipresent as collectibles these days. I can’t think of a single retailer out there that doesn’t have a pile of Pop!s taking up shelf space. The thing with Pop!s is that you can never buy just one because they always end up producing something unexpected that will look great on your desk. I’ve sworn off buying Pop!s no less than three times but they always manage to make one that I straight up need.

Invader Zim with Minimoose Pop! Vinyl Figure - 2020 Convention ...

Which bring us to the Invader Zim with Minimoose Pop! Sure, the regular Zim where he’s holding a globe (because he wants to enslave Earth, right?) is cool and everything but the only thing that could make him COOLER would be if he was holding one of his faithful companions…MINIMOOSE!

Well, That Was Fast…

The above mentioned exclusives are currently OUT OF STOCK as of this writing and you would have needed some powerful internet magic to secure them. Collectors, speculators, and just plain ol’ fans flood the online retailers the picosecond these items go on sale and they sell out in the blink of an eye…if you’re lucky enough not to have the website crash on you. Just imagine trying to get a limited edition NES Classic Tickle-Me-Elmo Beanie Baby while using a dial-up internet connection and you’ll start to understand the difficulty level.

I’m just happy that toy collecting have gotten to a point where these weird things are getting made.

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