In The Game – The Princess Takes On Paper Mario: The Origami King On The Switch

Is there anything that Super Mario can’t do? In every Nintendo platform for nearly 40 years, he’s been an icon, appearing in everything from RPGs to platformers. Now, he’s come to the Switch in the form of origami.

Well, that’s video game origami. Though, I’m sure you could find some actual paper origami versions of Mario out there.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is part of the Paper Mario series that’s been going on since 2000’s Paper Mario, a game that first appeared on the Nintendo 64. The series features a paper version of the titular character in a world where confetti and paper co-exist in 3D-constructs. From my perspective, the game is absolutely beautiful to look at, but I’ve left the reviewing work to the BBP! Princess, who’s been notching up a lot of hours playing Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Andy Burns: Ok, is this the same as all the other Mario games you’ve played?

The Princess: This game is different from other Mario games. Mario is flat, and so are all the other characters. You see characters like Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, a bit of origami named Olivia. There are bad guys like Olivia’s brother, King Olly.

Andy Burns: What’s the object of the game?

The Princess: You have to save Peach’s kingdom and castle from being turned into origami forever. Olivia’s brother is trying to do that.

Andy Burns: What are the graphics like?

The Princess: The characters are cute because they’re eyes are just black dots. The world is familiar, it’s basically the Mushroom Kingdom, where Peach’s kingdom is.

Andy Burns: You’ve been spending a lot of time playing this game, haven’t you?

The Princess: Yeah, because I want to beat it like I beat Super Mario Odyssey!

Andy Burns: Are there any similarities between those two games?

The Princess: Well, Mario’s there, but that’s all. Well, the game is open-world too, but sometimes the game makes you stay and try to find the characters. The big differences are you can’t capture things with your cap and the battles. In those, you have to line up the enemy characters perfectly and you get to choose what kind of weapon you use. I kinda like that way to battle, but I like it better in Super Mario Odyssey because you can run around.

Andy Burns: So you feel like you have a little more freedom to play in Super Mario Odyssey?

The Princess: Yeah.

Andy Burns: What’s your favourite thing about Paper Mario: The Origami King?

The Princess: I like the animation. Other Mario fans should pick this game up. If they like Mario, they’ll probably like this one.

You can order Paper Mario: The Origami King here.

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