Figure Friday: The Mandalorian + A Transformers 2-Pack Score

It’s Figure Friday and let me tell you…the pre-orders are coming home to roost right now. My credit card is in absolute agony now since all the pre-order seeds I’ve sown over the last few months of isolation are now bearing expensive toy-fruit.

This was the week that the USPS website finally gave up on me as well. Things for the USPS aren’t great right now as they’re over-worked, understaffed, and I have to imagine that playing summertime Santa Claus to adult children is very low on their list of priorities. Essentially, the website would provide me with an estimated delivery date for my packages which was usually of by about a week. I’ve heard that packages are arriving to the postal service hubs and just sitting for days until they have the necessary staff to unload and distribute them. So, for the love of Zod, be nice to your postal workers.


S.H.Figuarts The Mandalorian

For regular readers of this column, this has got to be getting exhausting but S.H. Figuarts is producing some of the best action figures out there right now. If they’re within your budget, I totally recommend getting some for your collection.

It’s no surprise that their version of The Mandalorian from…The Mandalorian is absolutely stellar. It’s loaded with accessories, alternate hands, multiple points of articulation AND it looks amazing on my bookshelf. My only regret is that there will be an inevitable “beskar” armour version forthcoming that will render this figure obsolete. MAFEX is currently producing one but I’ve hitched my wagon to the Figuarts horse and I’m not about to cross-pollinate my collection now. If anyone asks I’m ready to get my “FIGUARTS 4 LYFE” stomach tattoo any day now.


Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Earthrise Voyager Seeker 2-Pack

Every now and then as a toy collector, you’ll pull off a toy score that is a total fluke that will absolutely make your week. It could be finding a toy you’ve been hunting for that some enterprising soul hid in the wrong section of the store or you could happen upon a freshly opened and untouched case of new product.

Such was the case with the Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Earthrise Voyager Seeker 2-Pack. Aside from being a complete mouthful and helping me with my word count for this column, these figures are better known as the Decepticons Skywarp and Thundercracker. Or “not Starscream” or “blue jet and purple jet.”

Further complicating matters, the only way to get your hands on them currently is if you live in the US and have access to these Target exclusive figures. Our Canadian readers may remember Target as that company that botched their Canadian launch and famously boned Zeller’s out of existence.

In brief, these guys are almost impossible to find so I was quite surprised when I found a lone box chilling on a Transformers endcap near the toy department. I quickly looked about to make sure I wasn’t being “punk’d” and scooped them up.

Even though they’re essentially the SAME figure in two different colours each has a unique head sculpt which totally justifies the purchase. I am writing this down to convince myself.

I can’t offer much more in the way of a “proper” review because things have been so crazy here that I’ve not had a chance to open them and mess around with them yet! It’s the same mold as the Earthrise Starscream so if you’re familiar with THAT one it’s just more of the same.

For completists out there, I did just today read that Takara will be making these available as non-exclusives for the import toy crowd. There’s hope yet!

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