What’s Going On: The Pride 2020 Edition featuring Lazarus Lynch, Bronze Avery, King Princess, Self Esteem and NIMMO.

Happy Pride! In this week’s instalment of What’s Going On, I’ve got songs for you from 5 LGBTQ+ artists. With COVID-19 & social distancing, Pride 2020 festivities are going to look a little different this year. Gone are the parades and packed parties but you should still take the time to celebrate. Add these songs to your Pride playlist and dance the night away.

Lazarus Lynch – ‘I’m Gay’. The title of Lazarus Lynch’s latest single says it all. He’s a Black gay man and proud of it. “Black hands, Black boys, Black bodies” is repeated throughout the song, making it clear that this is song is about his Black gay experience. The music video for ‘I’m Gay’ shows the struggle of growing up gay in a religious household before transforming into a vibrant depiction of queer joy & flamboyance. In addition to being a singer, the New York City native is also a professional chef, the face of his own brand Son of a Southern Chef and is a two-time winner of Chopped.

Listen to Lazarus Lynch’s 2020 single ‘I’m Gay’

Bronze Avery – Born Gabriel Brown, singer-songwriter Bronze Avery unabashedly makes pop music. Not wanting to be misplaced or incorrectly lumped into the R&B category solely based on the colour of his skin, Avery makes his pop leanings very clear. ‘Boys!’ is Avery’s anthem about being into boys, loving your body and allowing yourself to have fun. Of course, the music video also includes lots of boys, which makes it perfect for Pride.

Listen to Bronze Avery’s 2020 single ‘Boys!’

King Princess – Brooklyn born singer-songwriter Mikaela Mullaney Straus is best known as King Princess. Signed to Mark Ronson’s label Zelig Recordings, she burst onto the scene in 2018 with her debut single ‘1950’. Mega pop star Harry Styles tweeted the lyrics to ‘1950’ which introduced the song to a wider audience and ultimately led to King Princess being announced as the opening act for the European leg of Styles’ now postponed Love On Tour concert tour. In the fall of 2019, the openly gay singer released the song ‘Hit the Back’. ‘Hit the Back’ is King Princess’ playful ode to taking it from the back. As she proclaimed on Twitter, it’s “the anthem for bottoms everywhere.”

Listen to ‘Hit the Back’ from King Princess’ 2019 album Cheap Queen

Self Esteem – “Been thinking ‘bout you constantly. But I’m not a holiday. It’s up to you to make the move.” ‘Girl Crush’ is Self Esteem’s 2019 single eschewing the concept of lipstick lesbianism and declaring that women aren’t just something disposable that you try on for size as a passing fancy. Self Esteem is the solo project of Rebecca Lucy Taylor, formerly of the duo Slow Club. The indie performer is influenced by such pop luminaries as Little Mix, Rihanna and Destiny’s Child. Self Esteem has stepped out of Slow Club’s shadow and is shining on her own.

Listen to ‘Girl Crush’ from Self Esteem’s 2019 album Compliments Please

NIMMO – NIMMO consists of childhood friends Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett. With songs like ‘Dancing Makes Us Brave’ and ‘Everything I Wanted’, the London based dance-pop duo infuse uplifting helpful messages in their music. Strongly influenced by fashion, club culture and artists such as Roisin Murphy, there is an air of authenticity to what NIMMO does. It never feels forced or trend-chasing. The lyrics of NIMMO’s latest single ‘Do I Have To Learn It?’ speak to pushing away the negative feelings and taking your own advice.

Listen to NIMMO’s 2020 single ‘Do I Have To Learn It?’


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