The Week In Horror: Hotel Paranormal, Shirley + More

Happy Monday, fiends! How was your Mother’s Day? Watch any mother related horror, like Mother’s Day, Maniac, or Psycho? I had Deep Red on in the background, which I’ve seen no telling how many times. It was the second feature on Joe Bob Brigg’s The Last Drive-In this week, following Frank Hennenlotter’s amazing second feature, Brain Damage. Joe Bob showed the Blue Underground special edition, which is 22 minutes shorter than my Anchor Bay special edition, but actually plays better, as the longer complete cut gets bogged down in unnecessary dialogue. Sure it gives us deeper connections with our main characters, but it doesn’t add to the A story. I’m glad both exist, and I’d recommend seeing both, but I bet the Blue Underground version will be the one you find to have the highest rewatch value.

Coming to T+E is Hotel Paranormal, a series that focuses on real-life encounters with the paranormal told through interviews by the people who experienced the terror first hand. With high-quality dramatic recreations and (at least in the first episode) actual cell phone footage of the haunting and even an exorcism, Hotel Paranormal really itches that scratch, if you’re a fan of shows like Ripley’s Believe it or Not or Beyond Belief. I really had fun with this first episode. But…why should you really care about this new series? Because it’s narrated by the great Dan Akroyd of Saturday Night Live, Twilight Zone the Movie, Ghostbusters, and many others. Akroyd has a great voice, as you know, and it lends a dramatic gravity to a show that needs an anchor to go along with some genuinely creepy imagery and some outlandish stories. Hotel Paranormal premiers on May 15th at 9 pm. Check your local listings.

Call this horror adjacent, because I know lots of horror fan that are Einsturzende Neubaten fans, the German industrial band is back with a new video that dropped on May 1st from this year’s album, “Alles in Allem.” The track is morose but insistent, driven by Blixa Bargeld’s organ. It’s a fantastic track, though a far cry from something like “Tanz Debil.” Actually, it reminds me of Bargeld’s other/former musical gig with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, but older Bad Seeds, before Bargeld quit.

Next up for Elisabeth Moss, she’ll be playing…Shirley Jackson?? That’s right, from director Josephine Decker, Moss will star in Shirley, a psychodrama about a young couple moving in with the author of The Haunting of Hill House and her husband. Shirley will premiere everywhere on June 5th from Neon Pictures. Rather than being a biopic, it’s a fictional tale involving the real life of one of horror’s greatest authors. Based on this trailer, I’m really excited.

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