The Week in Horror: Joe Bob Briggs is Back, Bit is Streaming, Peninsula is Coming

Happy Monday, fiends! Welcome back to your weekly dose of horror news highlights. I hope everyone is staying healthy, staying sane, and staying the hell away from each other.

I caught up with Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella’s romantic monster movie, After Midnight, which stars Gardner and Brea Grant. What. A. Delight. I really enjoyed it. The movie splits between an art-house film about a couple’s tenuous love and how they’re trying to find a way forward, and a man struggling with his house being besieged by a monster on a nightly basis. It’s a very smart and moving film from the makers of the indie zombie hit The Battery. I have seen so many good films this year and that’s following 2019, which was an amazing year, in my opinion.

After Midnight and The Battery are both streaming on Amazon.

Friday night, the second season of Joe Bob Briggs’ The Last Drive-In premiered on Shudder with special guest and wrestling legend, Chris Jericho. Joe Bob showed the Jim Wyrnowski ’80s favourite Chopping Mall, which stars Barbara Crampton, and the 1976 grindhouse classic Blood Sucking Freaks.

Brad Michael Elmore’s newest film Bit premiered across multiple streaming services this week. Elmore describes the film as his “hard R Jem and the Holograms meets The Lost Boys”. If that alone doesn’t get you excited for this intersectional feminist vampire movie, maybe check your pulse, because you might already be dead. The film stars Super Girl’s Nicole Maine.

Oh, and I have to correct an oversight from three weeks ago. I didn’t miss the premiere of the Peninsula trailer (the follow up to the amazing Train to Busan), but I forgot to post it here. The movie looks insane, much bigger than Busan as far as scope, taking place some time after the event of the original film. Peninsula looks legitimately scary and it’s not often I get to say that about a zombie film. Check it out!

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