Figure Friday: Giant Rocks and Transforming Toilets

Since we’re all adjusting to “life on the inside” my personal toy collecting has slowed to an almost imperceptible crawl. I can’t really go anywhere to hunt for toys and ordering online just isn’t any fun. Not to mention I’m a stickler for the quality of my toys so ordering online sight unseen and getting something that’s not up to snuff is a bit annoying.

But Figure Friday cannot be stopped! I’m sure there are some cool toys to write about, right?

Gekiteki Enshutsu Series Asteroid Set

Here we go…some rocks.

From the product description:

From Proovy, use the Gekiteki Enshutsu Series Asteroid set to assist with your outer-space and giant-robot photoshoots! These realistically coloured space rocks come in three different sizes, providing appropriate accompaniment to figures and models.

I’ve never been one for toy photography or even making my display shelf into more of a diorama and initially balked at a $65 asteroid set…HOWEVER… I could see these looking cool around some of my Eaglemoss Star Trek starships.

Sure, the Enterprises A through F look neat all in a row but tossing some asteroids into the mix? That would make for a dynamic and visually engaging experience. It should be clear to anyone reading that I can go through some pretty complex mental gymnastics to justify the purchase of plastic rocks for my tiny models. Especially when I’d be buying them only for myself…I don’t expect to have any guests anytime soon let alone ones who would be impressed by such a thing.

Plastic space rocks…what a time to be alive and collecting.

Where could we POSSIBLY go from here?

Golden Water Man

W-02G Golden Water Man


From the product description:

Golden Water Man is a transforming samurai urinal that stands about 5 inches tall in robot mode. Water Man can also transform into a water cannon.

Listen, I could fake mock incredulity but that would just be elaborate theatre. The truth is I’ve been looking for an excuse to write about the series of third party Transformers toys that change from robots into toilets. Sure, we all joked about it in grade school three decades ago but I never envisioned a world where some crazy bastards would actually DO it.

The world of third party Transformers toys has really exploded over the last decade or so. For the uninitiated, a “third party” toy is one that is not produced by Hasbro/Takara Tomy but is still a transforming robot. The vast majority of the toys are highly detailed and articulated versions of Transformers characters. Some of them closely resemble their classing 1984 cartoon counterparts, others may take inspiration from the comics (IDW’s books being a particular favourite). I’m not sure of the legality of all this but I DO know that the toys aren’t called Transformers even though they happen to transform and that they may or may not look suspiciously close to other licensed characters.

W-02G Golden Water Man is not one of those. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been an official Transformer that has ever turned into a toilet. If I’m wrong about that, please let me know because I want to read all I can about that Transformer. This robot transforms into a urinal and I almost cannot wrap my head around the concept. Who is this for? Does anyone else find this as funny as I do? Do I have to buy this now? Should I start with the W-01 Dirty Man figure and then complete the set?

Clearly, I have much to think about. I kind of miss the days when I was writing about Batman figures…

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