The Week In Horror: Gordon, Penderecki, Castlevania + More

Hello, fiends. I hope you’re all doing well out there. I know the isolation has been harder on some than others. Where ever you’re at, whatever your personal experience is, I hope you’re surrounded by good books, music, and cinema, if not loved ones. We’ll all get through this.

There’s not a hell of a lot to report on the horror front-the biggest news of the week is that we lost beloved filmmaker Stuart Gordon, which is just crushing. You can read my tribute HERE.

And the hits keep coming. Sadly, we learned today that Polish composer Krysztof Penderecki also passed away today. Penderecki worked with David Lynch and Wes Craven, but most importantly he worked on The Exorcist and The Shining. To me, his score for The Shining is another character in the film. Penderecki was 86 years old and had been battling an illness for some time. He died at his home in Southern Poland.

Some good news, Netflix has announced the fourth season of its animated hit series, Castlevania, based on the popular video game franchise. I still haven’t gotten to this series yet, but the two original NES games were two of my favorite video games when I was a kid and the new series is written by one of the greatest living comics writers, Warren Ellis. The animation style is very cool, heavily anime-influenced, and I haven’t heard a single bad thing so far. I think I may try to binge the current three seasons on my next day off. Might be a fine distraction.

Are you guys watching Locke and Key? I’m two episodes in and already struggling. I loved volume one of the trade paperback and enjoy Joe Hill’s work in general, but so far I’m not in love the new Netflix series. I will stick with it a while longer. I guess I just hoped it would be scarier. Thoughts? I will say, the shooting location in Novia Scotia is gorgeous and I want to move there. The set design as well is amazing.



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