Figure Friday Brings Batman ’89 From Bandai

It’s extremely hard to do anything silly right now. I’m lucky enough to have the privilege of writing about some TOYS in hopes that it will provide a much-needed distraction for those in need of it.

Honestly, I need this right now. For my day job, I have the luxury of working from home so when the big, bad virus hit us hard my day-to-day didn’t change too much. The amount of phone meetings and my workload has increased exponentially over the last week and it’s been incredibly stressful…but it could be a lot worse.

I’ve been doing my best to stay at home, flatten the curve and whatever else I should be doing during a pandemic. I’ve only emerged to go for walks and to grocery shop for my parents and let me tell you…shit is weird out there.

While I’ve not been able to go toy hunting I do have some toy news and a review for this week!

S.H.Figuarts Batman ‘89


This one was just announced yesterday so this is as close to breaking news as Figure Friday can possibly get.


Tim Burton’s Batman has been getting a lot of love in the action figure realm recently. Not too long ago I wrote about the forthcoming Mezco One:12 version of Batman which, while cool, wasn’t quite for me. Luckily, Bandai is doing a smaller scale (and slightly less expensive) Batman that’s much more my speed.

I’ve written extensively about the Figuarts line in the past, so much so that some of you may expect that I’m on their payroll. Well, I’m not but I wouldn’t say no to any freebies they’d want to send my way. I am not above begging.

The Figuarts Batman ‘89 edition comes with a ton of accessories and will probably retail for around $70 USD. Look for it this September.

S.H. Figuarts Han Solo (The Force Awakens)


Hey! More Figuarts stuff…how about that?

beingHan Solo.jpg

The most recent addition to my shelf and the last figure I purchased before everything went into lockdown was the Figuarts Han Solo. If this is the last action figure I get for a while I am perfectly okay with that because this thing is AMAZING.

The sculpts for Figuarts are great to begin with, but their take on Harrison Ford’s iconic visage is without a doubt their best work yet. For a figure that’s retailing right around $50 USD, the sculpt on this figure is as good as, if not better than, something from Hot Toys that would go for $300 and up. So please was I with it that I immediately snapped a pic of it and sent it to several of my friends upon opening.

As far as Figurarts figures go, it comes with minimal accessories. A few alternate pairs of hands, a blaster (in and out of holster), and that’s it. But when you’re as cool as Han Solo you don’t need much more. This figure looks ready to blast some Stormtroopers, get run through by Kylo Ren, or tell me it doesn’t give a shit about Force ghosts. Truly, it is the greatest S.H. Figuarts figure of all time.

Want one for yourself? I’m sure you could go on Amazon and wait A MONTH for it or you could call your Local Comic Shop and have them order you up one. Maybe even preorder that Batman ‘89 figure while you’re at it.

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