Figure Friday: McFarlane’s DC Multiverse and E.A. Henson’s Holiday Haul

It’s the first Figure Friday of the new year! New decade? Do decades start at year zero? I feel like I should have figured this out twenty years ago… Anyways, on to big action figure news and my Christmas haul!

DC Multiverse

DC Multiverse

The first of the year brought us the big reveal of the McFarlane Toys produced DC Multiverse figures and the results are…pretty okay!

Now, I haven’t bought any McFarlane Toys since the ’90s but even I’ll admit that they changed the toy game for the better. Having a toy company out there that actually cared about making sure the toys were well sculpted forced the other toy companies to step up their game and that’s been a good thing.

Preorders for the figures went up on Thursday as I type this and the website I’ll be linking to shows that they’re already mostly sold out. I think it’s safe to say that the fans are excited. Personally, I’ll be waiting until I’ve seen some in-hand reviews before purchasing. I’ve got my eye on the Nightwing and Green Arrow figures and I’m a little bummed out that the Batman figure has a molded plastic cape over his shoulders (it’ll hamper the range of motion and yes that’s important to me).

The figures are supposed to start shipping any time now and some of them come with pieces for a Build-A-Batmobile toy. That’s cool and everything but the Batmobile isn’t in scale with the figures (to put it in perspective, the car would need to be about 2+ feet long to accommodate the 7-inch figures). So, points for doing something new and innovative I guess?

Christmas Haul

Having a friend that works at a comic shop means that Christmas has the potential to be very cool when you’re an action figure collector. It also means that from the end of October all the way up until December 25th is basically a no-fly zone for the purchasing of any premium action figures. It can get pretty itchy when one is jonesing for a figure fix and I may have purchased a Star Wars Vintage Collection 3.75 inch Sith Trooper on Christmas Eve to get the necessary hit of dopamine that comes from a new figure.

Sith Trooper

As always, my pal came through in spades and saw fit to bestow upon me a Transformers Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack figure. For the uninitiated, the Takaratomy/Hasbro Masterpiece line are less toys and more works of art as the name implies. They are marvels of engineering that manage to make Transformers that look just like the cartoon robots they were inspired by AND the cars they transform into.


These things are no joke. It took the sum total of my 35 years of Transfomers knowledge and maybe a YouTube tutorial to successfully change the Lancia Stratos Turbo into a Cybertronian Mechanical Engineer. But it was so worth it because now he’s on my shelf looking down upon the “normal” Transformers (and rightfully so). Let the record show I’ve yet to transform him back into a car. I need to psyche myself up for that undertaking and I don’t know if I’m quite ready yet.

After the dust had settled, I had an Amazon gift card burning a virtual hole in my virtual wallet. Combine that with some credit card reward points I also had at my disposal and conditions were right for the mother of all toy shopping sprees.


When the dust had settled I had ordered not one but TWO new S.H. Figuarts figures for my collection: Spider-Man (Far From Home suit) and Luke Skywalker (The Last Jedi Battle of Crait). Hopefully, by the next installment of Figure Friday, they’ll have arrived and I’ll be able to write about them. The promo photos look exceptionally cool and I cannot wait to have them on my shelf.


I mean, the Luke Skywalker comes with a tiny version of Han’s lucky dice! How cool is THAT?!?

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