Twas a Few Days Before Christmas and The Week in Horror was lit

Happy Monday, fiends! I hope no sentient killer snowmen have attacked your family and that you won’t be getting a visit from Krampus in a few days. Not a ton of horror-related goodness going on this week, but there are some interesting tidbits. If you’ve already watched The Thing, A Nightmare Before Christmas, one of the three Black Christmas films, and all the Silent Night, Deadly Nights-fear not, you’ve still got some Christmas horror out there to enjoy, like 1977’s Rabid from David Cronenberg. Yep, it’s a Christmas movie (as is the brand new remake from the Soska Sisters). Or how about Maniac Cop 2. Excellent urban slasher, set during the happiest time of the year. Also, from the same director, Bill Lustig, 1980’s seminal slasher film Maniac is also set during Christmas.

But what’s current?

FX has announced that they’ll be going back to the well with Stephen King’s debut novel Carrie for another stab at adapting it. This time as a mini-series for the small screen. This will be the fourth adaptation of the film, which also spawned one better-than-you’d-think sequel. No other details yet, but safe to say fans will be groaning about this one, especially when there are still plenty of King stories that haven’t been adapted or deserves better adaptations than they got in the 1980s. Who knows though, with how great Castle Rock has been along with the newer adaptations on the big screen and on Netflix, a new version of Carrie might wind up being really good. Hey, it’s the season of hope, fiends!

Speaking of movies you’d think wouldn’t need another remake, The Grudge looks surprisingly good. I only mildly enjoyed the original Japanese version and the American remake. I thought both were well made, but neither really struck an emotional chord with me. This one looks nice and gory with a good cast and it’s produced by Sam Raimi.

And how about the new Kristen Stewart flick, Underwater? I had literally heard nothing about it until this week and here’s this great trailer looking like a cross between Alien and Deep Star Six, two films I dearly love. I’m generally not a huge fan of Stewart’s work and I thought TJ Miller was on the cultural shit-list, but hey, we always need more good ocean horror and creature features, so here’s hoping the film is as good as the trailer!

Circling back to the idea of secret Christmas movies, let me leave you with a secret Christmas song from my hero Alice Cooper. From his 1983 album, Dada here’s “No Man’s Land,” a song about a lady needing man and finds what she needs in a mall Santa. Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays, fiends!

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