‘Ghost Rider’ #3 Goes to Hell for the Holidays

While it may be the festive time of year, one of the best Marvel comics going every month is sending us to the pits of hell.

Ghost Rider #4.jpgGhost Rider #3
Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Juan Frigeri

In this latest volume of the Ghost Rider mythology, classic rider Johnny Blaze has taken the place of Mephisto as the ruler of Hell, while the later is doing time in a Las Vegas jail. You’d think having a solid guy like Johnny in charge of the pit would be good, but unfortunately Hell has a way of corrupting the soul of even the Spirit of Vengeance. The denizens of Hell aren’t found of their new king, and they’ve been making a break for our world while causing all sorts of trouble along the way. Meanwhile, Johnny’s half-brother Danny Ketch (another Ghost Rider himself) is running a bar that he’s coming close to drinking himself out of when his bro comes knocking.

The latest issue of Ghost Rider raises the stakes of the series, which has been a pleasant surprise so far in its run. Danny Ketch has to make some big decisions about his legacy as a Rider, while Johnny heads to Vegas in search of Mephisto to help him stop Hell’s demons from overrunning Earth. Brisson has come up with a strong mix of demonology and family drama in this book and gets you quickly invested in the characters, even if you haven’t spent much time with them prior to reading. Juan Frigeri’s art suits the material, and I like the slight subtlety he gives Johnny Blaze as he transforms into the Ghost Rider (nice horns!).

At its best, this current Ghost Rider series has a bit of a Hellblazer vibe to it, and that’s about as good a compliment you can give a book of this nature.


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