It’s All Connected in Marvel’s X-Universe and Fallen Angels #1

When it comes to Marvel Comics, every week when I do these write-ups, I seem to continually come back to the relaunched X-Men universe. Does that mean there aren’t other things going on at the House of Ideas?

Hell no!

The last 5 months have seen Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez giving us the in-depth History of the Marvel Universe; Absolute Carnage from Donny Cates has been giving the Marvel U some serious horror stories; and Savage Avengers has brought Conan The Barberian into the world, teaming him with Wolverine, Elektra, Doctor Voodoo, the Punisher and Venom. It’s a weird mix, to be sure, and to my eyes only kind of works, but credit to Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato for pushing the envelope of a book with the Avengers name to it.

Fallen AngelsFallen Angels #1
Writer: Bryan Edward Hill
Artist: Szymon Kudranski

All that being said, again it’s those X-Men titles that have been captivating my mind and imagination. This past week saw the release of the premiere issue of Fallen Angels from writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Szymon Kudranski. The book puts the focus on Psylocke…or Kwannon, depending on how deep you want to go into the X-mythos. Betsy Braddock is once again in her original body but is now known as Captain Britain, while Kwannon, the ninja whose body she spent nearly 30 years in, is once more herself. I think. It’s a wee bit confusing. Regardless, Psylocke is out for revenge and brings X-23 and Cable with her. Fallen Angels takes some time to unfold, but the way it ties into the tragedy that befalls Professor Xavier in X-Force #1 is well done.

Spoiler alert: Charles was assassinated in that issue which was released just a few weeks ago. And that’s what makes the X-storytelling so well done. Under the auspices of Head of X Jonathan Hickman (let’s consider him the showrunner) and X-line editor Jordan White, everything that’s happening in the X-world is linked together beautifully. Nothing is forgotten or written for no reason. References are made to what occurs in other books, so that, to borrow the Marvel Cinematic Universe tag line, it’s all connected, which makes reading the X-titles a great joy.

While you don’t need to read every X-title that’s being released (there’s a lot of them, to be sure), the more of them you do pick up, the more you can appreciate what’s being built. And they’re all worth your dollars.



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