The Week in Horror: Welcome to the ‘Trailer Park’ and Make Room on Your Blu-ray and Book Shelves

Happy Sunday, fiends! Did you check out Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep this weekend? So far I haven’t read any negative reviews and I really hope I get to see it myself before it leaves theatres.

The trailer for Richard Stanley’s long-awaited return to feature filmmaking dropped this week. The director who brought us Hardware and got fired off of The Island of Dr Moreau for being too creative and awesome (check out Lost Souls; The Making of Richard Stanley’s The Island of Dr Moreau, one of the best film documentaries ever made) is back with an adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s “The Color Out of Space,” starring Nicholas Cage. The trailer looks amazing and it looks like Stanley has assembled a very strong cast. The film drops on January 24th, 2020.

Hang around the ‘trailer’ park a little longer, because director Leigh Whannell dropped the first trailer for his Blum House/Universal adaptation of The Invisible Man, and holy shit, I’m digging it. Elizabeth Moss is awesome in general, but it looks like she’s going to kill it as the lead character being menaced to madness by the titular antagonist. And for those that might think the trailer gives away too much, Whannell reassures you, “you’re wrong about that. Trust me.” (via Twitter.)

For the readers among you, our friends at Weirdpunk Books have dropped their latest release, The New Flesh; A Literary Tribute to David Cronenberg. Featuring an introduction by Kathe Koja and new stories by Emma Alice Johnson, Brendan Vidito, Gwendolyn Kiste, Katy Michelle Quinn, Sam Richards, and many others. This book looks fantastic and if the track record of Weirdpunk is any indication is going to be a scorcher and a fun as hell read. Order your copy HERE.


For all the Canucks in the crowd, Unobstructed View, the new distributor for Criterion in Canada, is having a massive sale at their website on Criterion and Arrow Blu-rays and DVDs. Arrow titles are 50% off and Criterion titles are 40% off the suggested retail and everything ships from Canada, so no duty. There’s lots of horror goodness in there, so check out the selection now!

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