Figure Friday: Jazwares Fortnite Wildcard Figure Review

Welcome back, my fellow plastic pirates for another edition of Figure Friday, right here at Biff Bam Pop!

This week, I rolled through my local Walmart and picked up a snazzy looking Wildcard figure from the Fortnite line by Jazwares. Interestingly, this figure shares shelf space with both the 3 3/4 Joe-sized Fortnite figures, also by Jazwares, and the scaled-up line by McFarlane Toys that stand a solid head higher than this line.

I can’t say I have any sort of personal investment in the Fortnite franchise, aside from watching my kids play this game. The one time I tried it I swore to never play again. But I do enjoy a lot of their character designs and Wildcard is totally a standout.

The package, a standard see-thru front with pics of other toys on the back blister pack, advertises 40 points of articulation which is an immediate sell for me. Just looking at a figure with articulated fingers and toes hit me right in the Toy Biz feels and got me excited to pop him out of the package and see what kind of poses I could get him into.

What you get

The figure is made out of a solid, smooth plastic that feels good quality and comes with a nice assortment of accessories. He has a handgun, bazooka, giant crowbar/pickaxe, attache case backpack and four alternative faceplates with different card suits on them. All the weapons fit easily in hand, the pack back slots firmly into his back and the faceplates pop on and off with no fuss.

There are no alternate hands, but with the finger articulation, this doesn’t feel like an issue to me especially considering Fortnite is a game where the characters almost always have something in hand.

Except when they are dancing, I guess.

Striking a pose

As a pay-for-play kind of collector, the most important thing a figure can offer me is a great range of motion and articulation. Wildcard delivers in this department really well, with all 40 points working functionally to allow for a variety of cool poses. His shoulder swivels are somewhat hampered by the suit jacket and his arms are quite stiff to move up and down, but overall he’s a bunch of fun.

A particular strength, which is key for those of us that like to pose and photograph our figures, is the amount of quality articulation in this figure’s legs. Thigh swivel, double-jointed knees, ankle swivels, and the magic touch of articulated toes all lend themselves to dynamic, well balanced running/action poses. Especially the toes, once a standard of the Marvel Legends line, as they really allow the figure to balance and looks like it is in mid-motion.

Fitting in on the shelf

If you are, like me, a non-purist that mixes and matches lines for toy shots, you will be pleased to note that although slightly smaller, Wildcard scales nicely with other main lines.

Mattel (who no longer has the DC license anyway) figures are a little big to begin with, so they’re not a perfect fit. But, the figure does look right at home on the smaller end of the Legends scale or larger end of the SH Figuarts size range.

The weird scale issue is with the McFarlane Toys Fortnite line, which scale larger at Diamond Select proportions. In terms of sculpt, the figures are more or less right at home with each other, but the McFarlane figures are a full head taller, thus making them a bit of a mismatch. That said, the articulation on the Jazwares is much more to my liking, particularly in the hips, which are just stiff and awkward looking on the McFarlane figs.

Bang for your Buck

I purchased Wildcard at the Walmart Canadian retail price of $29.97, which is right in line with all the other major lines including WWE Elite, Marvel Legends, and DC Multiverse.

The thing that makes this line stand out from the pack for me is, first and foremost, the articulation and quality sculpt, with no re-used parts or quality control issues as far as paint apps. But a close second is the amount and quality of the accessories. The gun and bazooka have nice detail to them and all the faceplates look great. This figure would make an awesome army build with four of them each wearing a different suit.

In a crowded toy aisle with lots of options, Wildcard made it into my shopping cart even though I have no investment in the franchise or knowledge of the character outside of me telling my son “no” when he asked for V-Bucks to buy it.

Until next Figure Friday, keep your figures loose and your joints tight!


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