Try This for Sighs – Adam Ant, Live in Cleveland

Two years ago, I finally got my chance to see Adam Ant perform on the Anthems tour. I looked at my husband and said, “If he ever tours the area again… we are going, no questions asked!” Luckily, I have a husband that really likes Adam Ant, so I didn’t have to twist his arm about this notification. Strangely, almost two years to the date of that last show, “The Dandy Highwayman” sashayed across the United States, and thankfully, again in front of me (and many other gawkers) at the Cleveland Masonic Auditorium on September 14, 2019.

Adam Ant’s latest tour is focused on his debut solo album Friend or Foe (from 1982). I am proud to say that I still possess my warped copy of that on vinyl that I procured as a child. Adam has been touring his back catalog of music in a sort of chronology of his choosing. It seems that it’s in the form of a statement or exclamation point, and I, for one, have no complaints.

Adam Ant was one of my first crushes, and I am positive about a bazillion other “Something Girls” could lay claim to that same declaration. I thought he was sexy before I even knew what sex was! And guess what? At 65 years young… “Prince Charming” is still effortlessly exuding sex appeal!

In fact, I think that might be why it felt like it was a Thousand Degrees (Celsius) inside the Cleveland Masonic Auditorium that night. Adam was so hot, he was making every woman in there spontaneously combust (and probably a couple of dudes, as well as some of the transgender crowd). It was so hot that you could see the steam in the air. At first, I thought it was smoke machines, but I was there long before the show commenced (and I don’t recall seeing any smoke machines go off.) If so, they let it off once, and it just stuck in the air. Clearly, the Cleveland Masonic doesn’t have any air-conditioning in the place. My shirt was soaked to my skin before the end of the night.

With that amount of heat, it’s probably for the best that I didn’t photograph this show professionally. Therefore, the photos I provided for this article are shoddy (it’s better than nothing, I suppose). I definitely would have passed out had I been under the intense lights and poor air circulation in the pit. The show was a General Admission event, but depending on what quadrant you purchased your tickets, you were free to park yourself anywhere within it. I had Mezzanine seating and found some unobstructed seats and melted there for the rest of the night.

There was an opening band that was quite good called the Glam Skanks. They reminded me of a mixture of Girlschool, The Donnas, and The Runaways except they were easier on the eye. Their lead singer has an enormous amount of energy and stage presence, not to mention, a nice butt and thighs that look great in hot pants! I think their placement was a good strategy. I could tell there were many men there that didn’t want to be there but were there because their women made them go. If Adam picked the Glam Skanks for as his opening act, he was wise. I am sure he realizes that there are horny women there just to see him. At least The Glam Skanks gave the reluctant dudes some eye candy to look at, or as my husband said: “The guys up front there got… quite a show!” They did a great cover of Donna Summer‘s “Hot Stuff.” I also must note, that their guitarist was great, and from far away, she looked like Zal Cleminson from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

The crowd positively went crazy when the house lights finally dimmed after the intermission, and Adam and his band strutted out on stage. Adam was dressed in form-fitting black leather pants, with a swathe of scarves bound to his hip. He also sported some black boots, and a jacket replete with ornamental Chinese Frog fasteners, and a straw hat. Additionally, Adam wears bits of well-sculpted facial hair that seem only to accentuate his already perfect facial structure. Typically, I think it’s a shame to see a gorgeous face covered with pubes of hair growing like a Chia Pet. Thankfully, Adam keeps his very well-defined and clean.

Adam’s backing band (or the Posse) consists of a really refined group of musicians. The Posse is A.P. Leach (guitar), Joe Holweger (bass), Will Crewdson (guitar), and 2 drummers (to really get that Ant-marching sound) Andy Woodard, and the ravishing Jola.

They led right into the title track of “Friend or Foe” and plowed through the whole album with finesse. “Desperate But Not Serious” is always a favorite of mine (I captured on video, but the sound is so distorted it isn’t even worth sharing). For the record, the non-pro camera I had with me at this show, totally self-destructed. I am surprised I ended up with any photos as the sensor entirely burned out on it. Adam’s hotness officially cremated it! He announced after “A Man Called Marco” that Friend or Foe was complete.

Adam and the Posse led directly into “Dog Eat Dog” and throughout the rest of the night, played about 12-13 songs (and that doesn’t include the encore). This part of the show mostly consisted of Adam and The Ants repertoire, and very few of his solo works. I do recall hearing “Vive Le Rock,” and “Strip” (and I think everyone lost their minds for “Strip.”) The rest of the night was geared towards “Ant Music for Sex People.” I can recall hearing some unexpected numbers like “Kick!”, “Xerox“, “Cartrouble”, and “Lady/Fall In”. I also remember hearing the classics such as: “Antmusic,” “Prince Charming,” “Kings of the Wild Frontier,” “Beat My Guest,” and “Stand and Deliver.”

Adam and the Posse came out for an encore and surprised us all with two more unexpected songs, and that being “Press Darlings,” and “Red Scab.” However, he absolutely bulldozed all of the collective hormones in the house with “Physical (You’re So)” as the final song of the night. My shirt may have been soaked with sweat, but I think that paled in comparison to the number of panties that were soiled. I’m sure everyone’s laundry hampers were ripe with stink the next day!

Adam Ant will be returning to the United States in the Spring of 2020 to continue the Friend or Foe Tour, and here are the dates. Don’t miss it!

April 24th Santa Ynez CA Chumash Casino
April 25th Phoenix AZ Orpheum Theatre
April 26th Albuquerque NM KiMo Theatre
April 28th Dallas TX Majestic Theatre
April 29th Houston TX Revention Music Center
May 1st Austin TX The Paramount Theatre
May 2nd Oklahoma City OK Tower Theatre
May 3rd Kansas City MO Uptown Theatre
May 5th Denver CO Paramount Theatre
May 6th Salt Lake City UT Eccles Theatre
May 9th Seattle WA Paramount Theatre
May 10th Portland OR Roseland Theater
May 12th Eugene OR McDonald Theater
May 14th Oakland CA Fox Theater
May 16th Los Angeles CA Greek Theatre
May 17th San Diego CA Spreckels Theatre

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  1. Fantastic review! I saw the show in Philly. I love his whole catalog, but the Friend or Foe album is my favorite for start to finish listening. And oh… the hotness on that stage! 😀

    I see you are based in NE Ohio – If you are a Devo fan at all, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the Devotional events at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland. I haven’t made it there in several years, but am really psyched for the 20th Anniversary of Devotional this coming summer.

    1. Hi Renee! Yeah, I’m a Devo fan, but a late-bloomer in that respect. They are really the only band from the region that I ended up liking mostly due to the respect they receive around here in Akron. They are definitely hometown heroes in these parts. I am not from the region originally, but ended up here. Coincidentally, my husband is from Philly.
      I haven’t been to any of the Devotional events, as they always seem to fall on bad-timing for me. However, I was at the unveiling of the Devo ‘Chili-Mac’ mural that went on in downtown Akron. Gerald Casale was there, as was the photographer who took that famous photo.

  2. Ha! That’s fantastic. I love your quotes!

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