In The Game: ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ Is Essential, Even If You Don’t Make A Thing

There’s a very specific gamer that’s going to love the main selling point of Super Mario Maker 2.

I am not that gamer.

Now, to be fair, the idea of creating your own Mario worlds and levels is extremely appealing, but I don’t have the skill for it. Or the attention span. And that’s not exclusive to Super Mario Maker 2; I never have. I can’t figure out Minecraft for the life of me, or Roblox for that matter. Though the Princess and I may have an incredible assortment of figures for the late and lamented Disney Infinity, I never created my own worlds or levels in that game either.

With all that in mind, you’d think that I’d say that Super Mario Maker 2 is a bust. However, what the game does, and what makes it one of the most worthwhile investments for Nintendo Switch owners is exactly what I don’t do – and that’s create. I may not be making levels, but other people are. And what I can do is download YOUR creation. And yours. And yours.

Do you see what I’m getting at here?

Giving gamers the ability to play other people’s own game designs makes the possibilities of Super Mario Maker 2 absolutely endless. Sure, there’s a story mode that’s certainly a lot of fun (honestly, has there ever been a Mario title that you can’t get some enjoyment out of??), but it’s when you get started delving into the courses from Nintendo lovers around the world that you’re really feeling the value. It boggles my mind, the creativity of the Nintendo gamers out there. I’ve tried courses from so many people, and I’m always impressed with the time and effort, not to mention the ingenuity of the hardcore creators. Who knows, maybe the Nintendo powers that be will headhunt some of the game designers out there for the Mario games of the future.

So far, more than 2 million courses have been created since the game’s release just 11 days ago. Think about that, and think about how much more there is to come.

A game like Super Mario Maker 2 fosters both creativity and community, so while I may not be spending my time placing blocks and turtles and devising hard levels, there are countless gamers out there doing it themselves, and letting me (and you and you and you) play their work. The talent out there is strong, and the possibilities seem infinite.

Because of that, Super Mario Maker 2 is one of the most essential games you can buy on the Nintendo Switch today

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