FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 – What Can We Expect?

These are two of the most popular sports games of all time and the development of the games is improving over the years, bringing you the most realistic soccer game you can imagine. However, there is always a comparison between the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer in order to see which game is better. If one is running rampant on sales – FIFA -then ProEvo is more focused on detail and an audience that cares more about the gameplay itself.

As GamesRadar said in its review: while ProEvo is like a handcrafted Bentley, made for a specific niche, FIFA is like a Ford, produced for the masses, but with equal quality.

We are months away from the official release of these games and in the following article, we will dig deeper on what can we expect from them.

PES 2020

It seems like Konami’s game, PES, is losing its popularity among players after they lost the UEFA Champions League licensing rights to EA Sports in 2018. This was a major drawback for PES even though many of the players describe the gameplay to be more realistic and fluid than FIFA. That is why Konami decided to shake things up and they decided to rebrand the game, calling it now eFootball PES 2020. It does not come only with a new name but also with exciting new features.

Konami decided to redesign the entire menu system in the game, which will be easier to browse, and they have spent a lot of time in 3D scans of players – including the first time a South-American team is scanned for a footie game: Flamengo from Brazil. So the physical attributes like tattoos, hair and body features will match the real world. They have also enhanced the lighting at the stadiums, making them feel much more realistic.

Obviously, they made an effort improving the overall graphics so now the grass on the field can appear longer or shorter depending on the stadium you play in, as well as they fit new cameras to make the game more realistic.

The gameplay of PES 2020 is also improved. Konami took into account more than the physics of the ball. At E3 2019 we saw that the passes and shooting were improved drastically. Also, if you are a defender in PES 2020, you can use an additional slide tackle and new ways to header the ball, as well as make an intentional foul. The dribble was also perfected, with the game developers receiving advice from none else than football maestro Andres Iniesta, who currently plays in Japan.

There is a new mode called “Matchday” which will link the game to the schedule from professional leagues. If you choose to play with PSG and win, for instance, those points will be added to the total from the online community who are also fans at the same time.

Last but not the least the Master League was hugely improved, with real managers and dialogue integration: a feature that FIFA fans have been asking for a long time and has been long ignored by the developers. PES players will be able to choose during their career modes, legendary players, and managers such as Diego Maradona and Johann Cruyff. eFootball PES 2020 is released on September 10, 2019.


FIFA is coming out a few weeks after PES, on September 27, and there are many new things that we can expect from the game. Let’s go into details about the features.


Some fans may remember the good old FIFA Street back in 2005, which was very fun. After many requests, EA Sports decided to bring it back to life on the new FIFA 20. Basically, it will be 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5 game in street stadiums. We can expect customizable characters, new tricks to follow the FIFA Street origin, and fun gameplay.

They have worked on improving the graphics as well. A lot of effort went into making dynamic weather that can influence the game. Also, EA made some improvements in the Career mode such as adjusting ticket prices, wage reviews and much more – it probably won’t be as interactive as PES Master League, but it’s a start.

Club Creator Mode

This might be a possibility and it definitely would be amazing if it happens. Imagine being able to create your own club and having complete control over the whole process such as kit design, ticket sales, and staff management.

This would also mean significant upgrades to the player’s abilities on the EA Sports FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

Virtual Reality

This was suggested a few years ago and it seems like EA Sports have been working on it for a while now. Imagine if virtual reality was made comparable with sports games like FIFA and you would have the possibility to play on the field.

VR is taking off, it is expected to see over 21 million VR headsets sold by the end of this year. This will be the best personal experience ever and it will have a major impact on game sales. Right now you can already mildly try it, but the game is still not personalized for VR.

We will wait and see if they enable that possibility or we will have to wait a couple of more years.

Here you go, another battle between the two games. Just like Ronaldo vs Messi, this is a football rivalry that will probably last many years and it will always be subjective.

Both games have significant improvements in gameplay and graphics. However, FIFA seems like it is pushing the boundaries on the development of the game even more. We will have to wait and see which will be a better choice for players. EA has dominance in sporting games not only in Europe, with Madden NFL being one of the most popular games in the USA. The new version of the game comes out during the NFL preseason 2019, in early August.

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