The Leftscape Podcast: ‘Mythbusting Day II (Episode 47)’

Robin RenéeMary McGinley, and Wendy Sheridan had so much fun busting myths in Episode 26 that it was past due time to do it again! Listen this week to hear their takes on topics including the associated genders (or the lack thereof) of math and cooking, the health threats of migrants vs. anti-vaxxers, the smell of wet dog, why lesbians are lesbians, and the beauty and spaciousness of New Jersey. As it was with the first Mythbusting Day, the conversation is humorous and lighthearted while some long-held misconceptions are dispelled.

In the News segment, the co-hosts discuss a letter with many signatures from former federal prosecutors who say Donald Trump would be indicted for obstruction of justice were he not president. Then there is the baby beluga “spy whale,” which leads to a side conversation in which Wendy confuses Yanni and Raffi. Later in Why is this Awesome?, Wendy tells us what’s great about the new Twilight Zone hosted by Jordan Peele and more humorous confusion occurs – this time tongue-tied mix-ups of Rod Serling and Rod Stewart ensue.

At the top of the show, we find out about some of the great things that are being celebrated during the week: Honor Our LGBT Elders Day, Sea Monkey Day, National Endangered Species Day, HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, Armed Forces Day, Rescue Dog Day, and Waitstaff Day. Birthdays include Birdy, Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo, Tina Fey, Malcolm X, Grace Jones, Cher, Busta Rhymes, Notorious B.I.G., Harvey Milk, Morrissey, and Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty).

Check out the episode page for discussion-related links such as The Twilight Zone, the media bias chart first discussed in Episode 31, and tales of the Jersey Devil. If you have myths you’d like to hear The Leftscape bust in the future, send them to!

The Leftscape – the shape of progressive conversation: “Mythbusting Day II (Episode 47).”

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