Heroes and Villains: Captain Marvel Thoughts and Getting Pumped for Elseworlds

It’s time for Heroes & Villains and there is an absolute metric ton of comics goodness coming our way!

Sure it’s December and all but it’s never to soon to get hyped for the summer movie season. Which now begins in March with the release of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel

I’m 50/50 between being fatigued with the relentless release cycle of Marvel movies and wildly optimistic for the continued success of THE FRANCHISE. It’s such an odd thing to root for, a company making billions upon billions of dollars. But this is Disney and they weaponized nostalgia a loooong time ago.

I love movie trailers even though I’m fully aware of their intended purpose to promote the movie. The Captain Marvel trailer doesn’t really offer anything different from any other Marvel trailer (with the notable exception of having a female protagonist) but I am here for it. At its very best we have another Guardians of the Galaxy level shot in the arm and at the optimistically worst I get pleasantly surprised (looking at you, Ant-Man). I’m just glad Marvel is finally getting on board with the idea of giving us something a bit different…certainly took them long enough.

Also, there allegedly is a Still Untitled Avengers 4 trailer dropping today. I can’t keep up with all this stuff.


The DC/CW Elseworlds crossover starts on Sunday and I’m already looking to move around plans to accommodate watching it. This is what we used to call “appointment TV.”

Supergirl, Arrow, and potentially The Flash (hasn’t aired at the time of writing this) have all ended with the same tease for the three night event. We get to see a destroyed Earth-90 which is home to the 1990’s Flash (I love it) and the bodies of a fair number of DC/CW superheroes. Included in this is what also looks like a Smallville character or two. I never watched that show but I thought it was a nice nod.

The Flash, my Flash, John Wesley Shipp in his ORIGINAL costume is there facing off against The Monitor. That’s the same Monitor from DC’s Crisis and as we all know Monitors, Flashes, and a Crisis do not mix well. As The Flash races away from what presumably is the destruction of his earth (and into the first episode of the crossover). I still can’t believe that a major network paid a skilled consumer cash money to perfectly replicate a superhero suit from damn near thirty years ago.

The original Flash reveal happened a couple of months ago and, like most things, I’m of two minds on it. On one hand it’s impossible to keep anything secret anymore, especially for a high-profile TV show filming on a public street in Vancouver. But the other hand…if they had managed to keep the reveal a secret until the moment it aired…minds would be well and truly blown.

The DC/CW shows have my undying affection for giving me a level of fan service that borders on pandering. Casting JWS as Henry Allen (Flash’s dad), the Jay Garrick (Golden Age Flash), then once again as the 1990’s Flash… I just don’t have the words. The CBS The Flash tv show is one of my all-time favorite one season wonders. It started off very heavily influenced by Batman ‘89 and kind of pivoted towards the more campy superheroics in the second half of the season. It was the right show for the time as far as I was concerned.

That’s exactly what this current crop of DC TV shows are, the right shows for the right time. They’re not high art, they’re wonderful entertainment. They’re just as soapy and episodic as the very comics they’re based on. I can scarcely imagine few things better than watching The Flash (my Flash) speeding off to another adventure as the familiar sound of Danny Elfman’s Flash theme swells.

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