The Leftscape Podcast: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Episode 1)

The first episode of The Leftscape™ podcast, Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, has been released. The show starts off with the three co-hosts, theatre director Mary McGinley, composer/vocalist/graphic artist Wendy Sheridan, and singer/songwriter and Biff Bam Pop! contributor Robin Renée discussing life after the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Daily outrages precipitated by the current leadership have trickled down to influence personal challenges. Though they have all had a rough time of it in different ways, one response they have had in common was to feel driven to more intentional activism. With the common desire to create a greater space for progressive voices in mind, The Leftscape was born.

The new podcast promises to explore “the shape of progressive conversation,” but don’t expect it to be all about politics. Music, theater, publishing, science, science fiction, spirituality, pop culture, fandom, health, and personal dialogue will all be in the mix along with current events and a focus on taking positive action. In this episode, you’ll also hear impressions of the David Bowie is exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, everyone’s first introductions to the music and magic of Bowie (tales include a mysterious dancing girl and The Bay City Rollers), and an unboxing of the Major Arcana cards from the David Bowie Tarot.

You can listen to and subscribe to The Leftscape directly on the website and you can download it on iTunes. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes and more ways to listen. The next show will feature interviews from New Jersey Pride in Asbury Park.

Longtime fans of Biff Bam Pop! may recognize the voices at The Leftscape. Robin, Mary, and Wendy were part the Audacious Eleven podcast, which was featured on The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network. They welcome you to check out their latest endeavor.

The Leftscape – the shape of progressive conversation: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Episode 1)

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