The Week In Horror: Halloween, Suspiria, Tremors and Venom

Do not attempt to adjust your computer screens, you are now in the clutches of The Week In Horror! Welcome back, fiends, hope everyone has had a good week. Looks like another boring weekend with NOTHING to see in the theater. Just kidding, I’m heading out in a couple of hours to watch all our beloved heroes die horrible deaths in Avengers Infinity War. But we have more gruesome news than that for you gore fanatics, so let’s dive in.


Let’s go straight to Cinemacon where the two biggest pieces of news dropped this week. First, the Cinemacon crowd was treated to the first trailer for Blumhouse’s 2018 reboot of Halloween, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle returning to their roles as final girl and masked killer forty years later. Details emerged confirming what we’ve known all along, that the new movie would 86 every thing that happened after the original film, like Michael [REDACTED] after Loomis [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] Laurie [REDACTED]!  I originally took this news rather hard, because I’m actually a big fan of all the sequels through Part 6, The Curse of Michael Myers (producer’s cut for the win). But my faith was renewed when Jamie Lee Curtis was quoted that it would be better than “that piece of shit they made in the 90s.” Ha! I hate H20 unapologetically, for the same reason I was less than enthused by the new film, it axed all the sequels after part 2. No respect for legacy and it takes the premier slasher franchise and devolves it into a Scream knock off. But I digress.

Earlier in the week we got to see the first poster for Amazon’s Suspiria remake and boy does it stink! When I think of Dario Argento’s Suspiria I think color, texture, neo-gothic…this poster was slapped together in Photoshop in five minutes.


Add that to the fact that Thom Yorke from Radiohead is scoring the film and that it would incorporate a more muted color palette, well why bother? The cast sounds deliriously good though; Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Chloe Grace Moretz…It would have been cool if they had cast Asia Argento as one of the teachers, but we go on. So, back to Cinemacon – the crowd is treated to a scene involving Dakota Johnson’s character dancing in one room, while a dancer in another room is being puppeted to dance herself in half. The crowd got blood, spit, and urine as she was ripped in half. It was called “gruesome” and “hard to watch.” Also, it was noted that the color schemes were very 1970s. Suspiria was not a gore film, though it had its moments of harrowing violence. I’m intrigued now.   


Tremors fans must be filled with mixed emotions this week. First there’s a new sequel hitting Blu-ray/DVD called Tremors; A Cold Day In Hell, but sadly Syfy’s Kevin Bacon starring TV pilot for a new series has NOT been ordered to season and there’s no word when or if we will get to see the pilot. Is it that bad? I would expect a Tremors show with Bacon returning for the first time since the original 25 years ago would be a slam dunk.

And how are we feeling about that new Venom trailer? This is Sony’s first step in darker, R-rated territory with the Spider-Man universe, though how it all connects, if at all, is still unclear. Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock/Venom in a story that is said to pull heavily from the 1990s Lethal Protector story line, where Venom goes up against a number of othe symbiotes created by a nefarious organization. Carnage is rumored to make his big screen debut in this film, but so far no footage of him or any other recognizable symbiote possessed person has surfaced. I think it’s interesting that Hardy was cast as Venom since he played Bane in Dark Knight Rises. In a lot of ways Venom is Spidey’s Bane; both villains came much later into the heroes lives and wrecked them in ways that Green Goblin or Joker never did and decades later both villains represent a hard responsibility and dark threat that hangs over the heroes’ heads in relationships that are unique to any other in their rogues galley. Also, neither Bane or Venom are really “classic villains,” they see their causes as righteous and they’ve played both sides of the law and teamed up with the very objects of their hatred. Tom Hardy is clearly a good choice for embodying such layered/damaged characters.


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