Happy 9th Anniversary to Biff Bam Pop!

9 years ago today, Biff Bam Pop! pop launched into the world, and I’m happy to say we’re still here, with a devoted audience that keeps checking out what we’re writing about on a daily basis.

That means a lot to everyone who works on the site. Biff Bam Pop! is an ongoing labour of love for everyone involved. None of us get paid, but all of us love to write for the site, and by extension, you that’s reading. We love to talk about the stuff you love – movies, comics, television, video games, music, books. That’s the stuff that matters.

As we head into our 10th year, it’s nice to see that our outstanding roster of writers only continues to grow. This month we’re happy to welcome Eric Henson and Tim Murr to Biff Bam Pop! Earlier this summer, Richard Kirwin also joined our ranks.

I also want to thank everyone who continues to contribute to the site, including:

Luke Sneyd
Sarah Miduski
Loretta Swearingen Sisco
James Knipp
Daniel Reed
Ensley F. Guffey
Dale Guffey
Justin Mohareb
Jason Shayer
Marie Gilbert
David Sandford Ward

As well, special thanks to JP Fallavollita, who has been here since the very beginning; the inimitable Leslie Moore, and my right-hand man, Glenn Walker, both of whom take as much pride in the site as I do, and who continue to make sure we’ve got awesome content going up all the time. In fact, this weekend will see me bring my Week In Horror column, formerly published at Rue-Morgue.com, into Biff Bam Pop! More content, more fun, right?!

On that note, thank you once again for reading, and for being with us for 9 great years.

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