Pump Up The Jam: September 30, 2016

Iggy Pop is shocked that you don’t know the real meaning of “T.V. Eye.”

This week on Pump Up The Jam, we’ve got Croatian Amor, Survive, Dark Entries reissues, plus the trailer for a documentary about this little band called The Stooges.

If the name Loke Rahbek is unfamiliar to you, perhaps you have heard of Croatian Amor? Rahbek is yet another of those young, prolific musicians in the Danish post-punk scene. His bands and projects also include Sexdrome, Vår, and Lust For Youth. (You might also recognize him from the numerous photos of him kissing Iceage frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt but that’s for another article.)

Croatian Amor’s last album was in 2014. The cassette-only release was made available for just one month and even then only in exchange for a nude self-portrait. Ahem.

Now the band is back with Love Means Taking Action, out today from Alter and Posh Isolation. You can hear the unsettling track “An Angel Gets His Wings Clipped” here.

Rahbek is also releasing stems of the entire record, along with an “open invitation for anyone to use them as they see fit, making them public commons.” This is something artists such as Allie X have done in the recent past and it definitely gives new meaning to the term “fan service.”

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Stranger Things and its subsequently released soundtracks have been one of the most talked-about pop culture obsessions of 2016. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who comprise the band Survive, have now released yet another set of tunes. The album, RR7349, is out today from Relapse Records. Instead of sounding like a soundtrack or a soundtrack to a film or TV show that doesn’t exist, the album is crammed full of catchy instrumental tracks that harken back to a time before digital releases or even CDs existed. Check out “A.H.B.” below.

If retro synth steez is your thing, Dark Entries has got you covered.

First there’s Diseño Corbusier, “the avant-garde electronics duo of Javier G. Marín and Ani Zinc, formed in Granada, Spain 1981.” Dark Entries reissued their debut album Stadia on September 27.

Also reissued on September 27 is Zoo from Die Form, a French post-industrial and electronic band formed in the late 1970s. This album is a collection of outtakes from Die Form’s 1982 debut album Die Puppe.

Finally, there’s Bocal 5, a no wave band formed in France in 1980, who described themselves as “minimum naive new wave.” Musique Électronique is a 19-track compilation of songs recorded throughout 1983 and many have never been released on vinyl before.

This week’s #FlashbackFriday is a bit of a cheat: the trailer for Jim Jarmusch’s new documentary about The Stooges, Gimme Danger. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month and is set for release on October 28.

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