Short Cuts: The Brothers Grimsby, The Conjuring 2, The Angry Birds Movie


The Brothers Grimsby
Starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong
Directed by Louis Leterrier

Though it was a critical and commercial disaster upon its release in North America earlier this year, The Brothers Grimsby is actually a fairly funny film, if you’re in the mood for Sacha Baron Cohen’s extreme brand of gross-out comedy. In The Brothers Grimsby, Cohen and Strong play long lost brothers – one is a football hooligan, the other a secret agent. If you can’t figure out which is which, I just can’t help you out. Director Leterrier crafts an outstanding opening action scene and keeps the film moving quickly, while Cohen and Strong work very nicely of one another. There is some seriously gross-out humour happening on-screen, but if you can stomach it, you’re guaranteed some decent laughs.


The Conjuring 2
Starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga
Directed by James Wan
Warner Brothers

The Conjuring 2 reunites filmgoers with true life ghosthunters Ed (Wilson) and Lorraine (Farmiga) Warren, who travel overseas to England at the request of the church to investigate a family dealing with a haunted house and possession. Wan is a contemporary horror master, and his latest Conjuring is a decent melding of mood and jump scares. Where the film is lacking comes from Wilson’s one dimensional performance (his face seems stuck on one look) and a fairly quick and simple resolution. However, if you’re looking for scares, The Conjuring 2 does deliver them consistently and paves the way for a sure to happen sometime sooner than later third entry.


The Angry Birds Movie
Starring Jason Sudekis and Bill Hader
Directed by Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis

Anya, 6: I liked the Angry Birds Movie. I liked it because of Mighty Eagle. He’s funny. I liked Red because he’s crazy when he sees that statue. I liked everything about it. I think grown-ups and kids will like it. My favourite part is any part with Mighty Eagle (because I don’t want to say my actual favourite part which is kind of crazy).

Dad: Does your actual favourite part have pee in it?

Anya: (diabolically) Yes.

Dad: ‘Nuff said.



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  1. My friends and I LOVED the Angry Birds movie! One of the few kids movies that was just as funny for adults as it was for kids.

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