It’s A Cat, It’s A Bird, It’s “Angel Catbird Volume 1” On The Wednesday Run

angel-catbirdIf you’ve been reading Biff Bam Pop! regularly over the last few days, you’ll know that this past weekend in Toronto was a busy one:

Fan Expo Canada happened over four days in the city, as it does every year at the end of the summer, and all was good.

One of the major highlights during the convention happened on Saturday, September 4th, with the worldwide release of the first volume of the Angel Catbird graphic novel series, written by acclaimed Canadian novelist, Margaret Atwood.

You may know her works through high school, college, or university course readings, or you may have simply read her for pleasure: The Handmaid’s Tale, Alias Grace, The Blind Assassin, and many others.

Today sees the worldwide release of the novelist’s first graphic novel, Angel Catbird!

Angel Catbird Volume 1 Hardcover

Written by: Margaret Atwood

Illustrated by: Johnnie Christmas

Published by: Dark Horse Comics


Margaret Atwood has always been on the forefront of storytelling, her novels, short stories, essays and poetry often illuminating aspects of humanity through the lens of science or speculative fiction.

It’s not like the graphic novel genre would be beyond her sight. She has a love of comic books and sequential storytelling, after all!

The first volume of Angel Catbird, published by Dark Horse Comics in a hardcover format, tells the story of a young genetic engineer who is accidentally mutated by his own experiment, merging his DNA with that of both a cat and an owl. Here’s a new superhero that speaks to identity conflict among other human traps.

You can catch a sneak peak of Angel Catbird right here.

And you know this graphic novel (all the rage at Fan Expo over the weekend) is just the first chapter in a continuing story. Along with Canadian artist Johnnie Christmas, Atwood already has a second volume due for release in the first half of next year!

In he meantime, make the run to you local comic book shop or bookstore and pick up Angel Catbird Volume 1 today!

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