“The Kids Are Alright” on Avengers: Ultron Revolution


The Inhumans are still among us on Avengers: Ultron Revolution as we meet more new Inhumans in the persons of the new Ms. Marvel and the Ghost, along with Inferno, in this plot to steal Tony Stark’s AI Friday. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on season three’s eleventh episode, “The Kids Are Alright.”


We are getting quite a bit of continuity this season. While not part of a to-be-continued story, as we open on this episode, Captain America and Iron Man are dealing with repercussions of previous episodes. In the wake of last episode‘s terrigen wave, they are still tracking down new Inhumans. The two are interrupted investigating one such transformation cocoon by a battle nearby between Inferno and an Ultron bot leftover from last episode.


I can’t help but think this might’ve been a good opportunity to introduce Damage Control to the Marvel Animated Universe. Instead, we get to see the novice Inferno, himself a new Inhuman, show off his lack of skills in combat. And then the new Ms. Marvel shows up, also an Inhuman. Perhaps we’re looking at the start of Avengers Academy? Or another missed opportunity.

Ms. Marvel

Eventually the bot is beaten, though proving to be much tougher than usual. There’s gotta be something more to that. And then there’s Ms. Marvel. There’s gotta be more to her as well, but we don’t get much. We know her name, sorta see her powers, and we know she’s an Inhuman and a superhero fangirl, but we are given little else. Should we accept her only because she’s a fan favorite?


Flavor of the month or not, Ms. Marvel in the comics is pretty cool. Kamala Khan was a huge fan of Captain Marvel when the terrigen wave from Infinity hit and granted her Plastic Man-like shapeshifting powers. Later she became the first Muslim character to have her own Marvel comic, a title that went on to win a Hugo Award. It’s good to see her animated, but wish this version had a bit more depth.

The Ghost

The villain this time out is an old school Iron Man foe, the Ghost, only he’s had an upgrade of his own, thanks to the terrigen wave. Now able to shift the molecular density of other things besides himself and open portals, he is far more deadly than the industrial thief he used to be. More than a match for the Avengers as a whole with these new powers, how can two Avengers and two kids stop him?

This time he’s infiltrated Avengers Tower seeking Friday, Tony Stark’s AI, which he can take easily enough, but his sadistic streak makes him play with the Avengers unnecessarily. Not a good plan. Still his attacks on the heroes are devious and maniacal. Among other things, he crashes a quinjet straight down through the Tower from above, and turns the foundation of the building into quicksand. Eeeevil.


While the resolution of that last death trap was a bit hokey and very Silver Age, I really kinda liked this episode a lot, and certainly more than I thought I would, knowing the premise. Animation veteran Eugene Son delivered an excellent and solid story that not only properly introduced Inferno and Ms. Marvel but also proved Captain America and Iron Man are more than their shield and armor. He also gave us a very creepy villain.

I also loved Avengers basement especially Hawkeye’s old mask. And was it just me, or when Iron Man said Ghost instead of the Ghost, you all thought of the Starz series Power too?

Next: One of my favorite, no, my absolute favorite, Avengers villain makes his Avengers Assemble debut… Kang the Conquerer!



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