Orphan Black S04 E10: From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths


On last week’s episode of Orphan Black Sarah begrudgingly joins forces with Rachel; Helena saves Donnie and Alison; Ira kidnaps a mother and child; Rachel takes down Evie Cho… and yes, Delphine is alive. This week Sarah will need to go postal on Neolution.


It’s the season 4 finale and I feel that this season was one of the best, but then again, I think every season of Orphan Black is the best and that’s because of the writing, directing and the acting. Tonight’s episode asks, “What did Krystal see?” Our little clueless clone saw plenty even though she might not know it. It was Duko who shot Delphine, but before Duko could give the killing shot, Krystal’s phone goes off and a van approaches. Dr. Van Lier is the man who took Delphine away.


Krystal was only supposed to be in one episode but I’m glad that she’s a permanent member of the clone club because in her own wacky way, she gets to the bottom of things. Krystal is unaware and doesn’t know that she’s part of a boxed set, but on tonight’s show, Felix makes arrangements for her to learn the truth. How did Krystal react to the fact that she and Sarah are clones? She doesn’t believe it and besides, she’s a “10” and Sarah is only a “7” in the looks department. Krystal still thinks that the conspiracy she’s been dragged into revolves around Estee Lauder and Neolution. Thanks to Krystal, Sarah learns about the connection between Delphine and Dr. Van Lier.


Rachel has, from the beginning, known that she was a clone and that her father and mother were part of the organization that was behind the whole cloning experiment. Rachel, unlike the clone club, has had the advantage of knowledge, money and power. Why she hates the other clones is a mystery that I’m still trying to figure out and the only thing that makes sense is that Rachel doesn’t want reminders around. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Rachel may have learned to be cold and calculating from Susan.


Susan not only betrays Cosima, who has worked her little butt off trying to find a cure for her, Charlotte and the clone club, but she also locks Cosima out of the database. Our clones can’t trust anyone connected to Neolution or Brightborn. Susan is using Cosima’s research to get back on the Board. But how much can Susan trust Rachel and who is really pulling the strings?

When Evie Cho refuses to step down after the debacle with the news reporters learning about the murder of deformed Brightborn babies, Dr. Van Lier activates the bot inside Evie, killing her. The seat is open and Rachel wants it.


Ferdinand, played ever so wickedly by James Frain, is back, but Rachel, who is truly into rough sex, wants him to convert to Neolution. I’ve always enjoyed James Frain’s character and wonder if he will remember that Sarah saved his life. When Rachel makes plans to speak to the Board, she has Ferdinand tie Ira to the bed to keep him from Ira from telling Susan what is going to happen.

The Meeting

While Dr. Van Lier is kidnapped by Sarah, who is disguised as Krystal, Rachel meets with the Board of Directors and this is when we realize that the Pro Clone is out to rule the world. She wants to combine Clones and Bots, but to do this she will need to work where cloning is not illegal. She wants to work where clones will have no rights. She might be thinking of Russia. Would you be surprised to learn that although some countries do ban cloning, there are many that don’t?


Tatiana Maslany was put through the ringer for the season 4 finale because she had to play all the clones while fighting the flu. Although we know that Helena is safe for now and is hiding Donnie and Alison at her woodland retreat, Cosima and Sarah are not doing well at all. Rachel has outsmarted everyone around her. When Susan tells Rachel that she was sorry that she made her, Rachel stabs her mother. Neolution follows the Science and Rachel wants to meet the man behind the curtain. It seems that Mr. Westmoreland is still alive, but how is this possible?


While Cosima and Charlotte try to escape the island with the cure, Rachel beats and stabs Sarah. She would have killed Sarah if Susan hadn’t pulled the gun to give Sarah a chance to escape. While Sarah tries to get help, Cosima and Charlotte are found by the Swan man who takes them to the village. Cosima is dying but Delphine plans to save her with the stolen regenerated cells. But this is a dangerous place and Cosima is very sick.

Cosima & Delphine

We’ll have to wait until Season 5 to see what happens to Sarah because Ferdinand is holding Mrs. S and Kira hostage. We’ll get to meet the mysterious Mr. Westmoreland on the next season too, but the bad news is that season five might be the series finale. I hope it isn’t because the clones have become like family to me and it is all because of a very talented young actress, Tatiana Maslany.

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    1. This is definitely one of the best for great science. I’m glad they are coming back next year, but it will be the last season

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