Orphan Black S04 E05: Human Raw Material


On last week’s episode of “Orphan Black” Donnie flew the friendly skies of Air Italia to help with a deposit at the fertility clinic while Sarah saved Ferdinand from an angry MK. Neolution is making GMO babies and Rachel gets to decide if Charlotte lives or dies. This week, Cosima makes a shocking discovery.


Krystal, who had the unfortunate experience of meeting two of the Castor clones, is taking self-protection courses so she can defend herself. She is on a mission to find out what Dyad and Brightborn have in common. For now, she doesn’t know that she is a clone, but she does know that the twins were connected to Dyad. Krystal, like Helena, is a force unto herself and though she may appear a little clueless, she was smart enough to figure out that Brightborn and Geneconnexion are somehow connected. When she shows up for the orientation, things get crazy.


What most people don’t realize is that Krystal was only supposed to be a one episode deal. She was supposed to be seen in that elevator with Rudy, and then killed. But Tatiana Maslany did such a kick ass job of fleshing out the character during rehearsal that the creators decided to keep this clone and I’m so happy that they did.


When Alison is too busy doing school and home chores to go for the Brightborn orientation, she convinces Cosima and Donnie to join forces and spy on the agency. Kristian Bruun’s character has evolved so much in the last two seasons and I really love how his Donnie has become the lovable bumbling hero to the seestras. Donnie has to cater to the OCD Alison and still play big brother to all the Leda clones, but he never complains.


Donnie wanted to go all out 007, but Cosima pulled rank and dressed him down, which is a shame because he looked rather handsome in that suit. When Cosima and Donnie under the alias of Ava and Douglas sign in at the desk, Cosima is shocked to learn that Evie Cho will be doing the introduction. Evie knows about the clones and about Cosima. When Evie happens to spot Krystal at the front desk signing in, she runs to tell Susan Duncan and Ira and that is when we are treated to some Marx Brothers antics.


Who is Adele? Is she really Felix’s half-sister like she claims? Sarah becomes even more paranoid after learning that Adele and Felix found each other through Geneconnexion. She steals Adele’s brush and wine glass for Scott to test. Sarah is so rude to Adele that Felix is forced to side with Adele.


Jordan Gavaris’s character over the first three seasons has always been the “go-to guy” for the clones when things went wrong. He was sent on spying missions and he had to save Alison from too many disasters to count. He didn’t mind because he felt that his sacrifice was for family. But, with the discovery of Kendall, Felix was hit with the knowledge that he was the only one not related.

Even though the genetic testing done by Scott confirmed that Adele and Felix are related, I still don’t trust her. I think Dyad has sent in a Trojan horse to mislead and divide the clones, but we’ll have to wait and see if I am right about this. For now, Sarah and Felix are not on speaking terms, especially after the food fight. Luckily Kira, who is becoming more of a clone psychic, is able to lighten things up for her mother who still has to deal with having a maggot bot in her cheek.


Our faithful detective has been pushed to the corner since he was shown sleeping with Beth, but tonight he is back in the forefront and dealing with the weird Detective Duko who announces that the Hendrixes are being watched and are the main suspects for the triple murder involving drug dealers. The fact that Alison is a mirror image of Beth has Duko questioning Art on what he knows or doesn’t know and maybe Art should concentrate on protecting his own family. Art tells Sarah, but her mind is on Adele, Felix and the news that Helena has taken off.


Donnie’s expression when Krystal sashays into the waiting room was priceless. He follows Krystal and sees her robbing beauty supplies. Trying to find out why Krystal is there, Donnie pretends to be a staff person and offers to give Krystal a massage. Like I said this scene was like a Marx Brothers routine with Donnie playing his 007 for all he was worth and Krystal explaining that she is spying on the company because a woman had teeth growing out of her eyelashes. She believes this is due to the stem cells in the beauty products. Krystal showed off her ninja skills when she beat the hell out of poor Donnie.


When Krystal is captured, she is released by Susan because Krystal doesn’t know she is a clone, but Cosima isn’t as lucky and, is detained. Cosima is dying and she knows it, but will the promise of a cure make her join forces with Susan Duncan? After stealing scrubs, Cosima was able to get to the lab, then was enlisted to help with a delivery that went very wrong.


When you try to create a designer baby by eliminating part of its genetic code and enhancing what’s left, you might get a series of babies that all have dimples, but you also get deformed children like the one that was born on this episode. This was something that frightened Cosima. While Evie feels her SCID was cured by gene therapy, there are adverse effects to germline editing. You might be opening the door to eugenics… and everybody loses. See you next week, clone club

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