The Magicians S01 E10: The Homecoming


On last week’s episode of “The Magicians” we went ghost hunting and learned about the nasty secrets of Christopher Plover and his sister. Julia learned about the joy of magic from Kira and, Penny got trapped in another dimension. Who will save him?


Button, button, who has the magic button, Penny found himself in a place of trouble when he touched Martin’s “Key.” This episode brought to mind an old Star Trek episode “All Our Yesterdays“.


The writers were probably thinking the same thing because they had Penny do the old Spock greeting when he meets Eve in a place called the Neitherland; the space between places. All kinds of people wind up there even, as Eve claims, a man with eight tiny reindeer. But Eve is not nice and Penny is soon on the run.


Eliot has been taking too many drugs and drinking too many cocktails. We know that he’s trying to wipe away the memory of Mike, but a visit to the doctor alerts Margo that she is losing her life force. Did she engage in an unprotected magic ritual? I love when Eliot and Margo are in a scene. Their comedic timing is fine tuned. Margo learns that her ex-boyfriend has created a golem of her. Golems are mythical creatures from Jewish history. They are not able to speak, but they do the will of their creators.


Julie has been growing in her magical talents thanks to Richard. She’s even made a few friends via the chat room, but the time has come to meet these friends in person. Why is Richard so intent on helping Julia and her friends grow in magic?


We know that the power of magic, like the beauty of the arts: writing; acting; painting; sculpturing; and music, comes from a place of pain and, most of the magicians we’ve met so far have tales of woe that have led them to learn all about magic… so we’re we really that surprised to see Kady walk into Julia’s apartment. I was happy to see that Kady and Julia had put their tragic past behind them to complete the spells in Richard’s spellcasting binder. Both these girls have suffered at Marina’s hands.


Poor Alice is dealing with a lot of issues. She has feelings for Quentin, but the poor boy isn’t pleasing her and, she’s too shy to tell him what she wants. If this isn’t a deal breaker in the romance department, she later learns that Penny was able to contact Quentin during a dream sequence in which Quentin, that naughty boy, was having a having a sexy dream that included both his lady loves, Alice and Julia.



Alice knows someone who can help Penny escape from the Neitherlands, but it involves another touchy issue. I was surprised that Alice’s parents were such free spirits, especially because Alice is such an uptight, goody-two-shoes. Dad is into historical orgies and Mom has a boyfriend. I never understood the parents who want to be called by their first name. Alice has to address mom as Stephanie. Give me a break! There is a rift between mother and daughter and I fully lay the blame on mom. While Alice morns the loss of her brother, Stephanie isn’t interested in how he died.


This series is top heavy with hidden innuendo and sex scenes. Alice is shocked to learn that Joe is in a threesome arrangement with both of her parents. Joe is also a traveler like Penny and he might know how to save the day, but it involves a beacon and some sex. In order to power the beacon that will bring Penny to the Earth Fountain and back home, Alice and Quentin have to climax together.


Like I said, this series is top heavy in sexual innuendo and when you realize that Margo’s boyfriend created the golem to be his sex toy because Margo dumped him, then we are touching on dangerous ground and, add this to the orgy that Alice’s dad was hosting when she and Quentin went there for help, then I question the theme of this particular episode.


Dad was leading another man around by a chain and mom has multiple sex partners, is it any wonder that Alice is so messed up. Joe’s advice to Quentin did nothing to help our two lovers in bed because men as a rule, and especially young men, don’t understand that women reach orgasm with their minds and heart. Once Alice comes out of her shell and tells Quentin what she wants, they get their foxy on.

Eliot is in trouble and no one is paying attention to him. This kid is hurting from Mike’s death, more so, because Mike died at Eliot’s hands. Very little time was spent on this and that is a big shame. Margo should be more worried about her friend and not playing with her golem.


Julia and Kady finally learn why Richard created the magical group. He is trying to play with time magic because his drug use caused the death of his infant son. There is no one in this merry group that isn’t suffering, but magic is not the answer.

Penny does make it safely home, after an encounter with a not so helpful librarian, thanks to the beacon and Alice and Quentin’s simultaneous climax, but his arrival is at an inopportune time and place.


Richard wants to summon up a god to make things better for him and the group? Does he think this god will bring back his son? Maybe, the trouble with depending on magic, drugs and alcohol is that these crutches are only a temporary fix. The only way you can change your sorry life is to fix it yourself. Just ask Alice; it wasn’t magic that solved her climax problem. It was human connection and understanding. Someone please talk to Eliot.


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  1. I am worried about Eliot. He’s on his way to a breakdown.

    I have to admit, I liked this episode. All the sex-stuff was so over the top that I spent most of the show laughing aloud. It reminded me a bit of Supernatural when they do their funny, wild and crazy episodes. You get insight into the characters, but the plot is too silly to be taken seriously. 🙂

    1. This show is growing on me and I’m glad that you like it, too. I am worried about Eliot and I have a feeling this will play out in the upcoming episodes.

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