HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 5 Set Is A Gift To Fans

imageWhile the world of television awaits the return of HBO’s Game of Thrones (don’t worry, folks, April 24th is just around the corner), today is the day when fans can relieve the incredible events of season five, with its release on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download.

As always, HBO does a gorgeous of packing their sets together. While some may be content to simply watch shows with their subscription, I tend to believe the company goes the extra mile with their packaging, which makes the notion of purchasing season sets even more palatable. Season 5 comes nicely slipcased, with Tyrion Lannister starring up into the face of one of Daeneyres Targaryen’s Dragons. It’s a striking image, and the case actually feels very cool in your hands. For those who aren’t collectors, the notion of package analysis is probably ridiculous. Believe me, I get it. But for those of us that do take pride in our collections of pop culture, the feel of an item is sublimely important. Paper stock for comics, the feeling of a box – all this stuff matters.


Of course, you can dress up something in a gorgeous package, but it always comes down to what lays between the covers. And Season 5 of Game of Thrones was significant, beginning with conflict and ending with death. This is a series that has captured the imagination of audiences, and loss always matters. The Blu-Ray/DVD set comes loaded with extras that obsessive fans will dig into – each episode contains commentary from writers and directors, along with season spanning deleted scenes, documentaries and much more.

Canadian fans should definitely take note, as Episode 5, Kill The Boy, features a commentary by Canadian director Jeremy Podeswa, who had previously directed episodes of Queer as Folk and Six Feet Under, while also winning a Genie for his 2000 film, The Five Senses. Podeswa won an Emmy for his Games of Thrones work, and his commentary gives insight into his award-winning vision.

There’s never been an epic on television quite like Game of Thrones, and its stature is delivered in both the packaging and the contents of the Season 5 home entertainment release. Winter may almost be gone in real life, but it’s here today for your collection.



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