The Magicians S01 E08: The Strangled Heart


On last week’s episode of “The Magicians” the students traveled to Brakebills South and, Kady runs away from Penny. The Beast had made an appearance; Penny is in trouble and, Julia has to try and put the desire for magic aside.


What do the foxes know, and I am speaking of Quentin and Alice. Under the magic of Brakebills South, they finally get it on, but Alice wants to make sure these new feelings are the real thing and not foxy pheromones. Does the nose know? Did you know that even plants and bacteria produce pheromones? Maybe Alice needs to understand that we aren’t that much different than the fox when it comes to the smell of love.


While Alice tries to find her place in this little love affair, Mike and Eliot have no problems declaring theirs. It was funny seeing how lost Eliot was without Margo. I hadn’t realized that it was Margo who usually picked out Eliot’s clothes. They always say behind every cool and debonair man is a smart woman, but Margo is not there and Eliot is frantic.

It’s never explained how Mike was in Brooklyn one moment and at Brakebills the next, but it was obvious that Mike had mesmerized Eliot to the point that Eliot began neglecting Margo. We knew from the moth’s appearance on the last episode that the Beast was in control, but what is the assignment given to Mike. Who is he supposed to kill?


Penny sans Kady starts hitting on Professor Sunderland. He wants to do some traveling with her. Maybe… and maybe they’ll just become lovers. While Eliot is creating a special dinner for Mike, Julia has a visitor and, Dean Fogg is having a hell of a time getting his newly grown hands to work their magic.

Julia is told by Marina that there will be a truce… Marina also has a bridge she’d like to sell you in Brooklyn. Julia does meet the chaplain of the rehab center and instead of talking gospel verses, he’s a Brakebills graduate. He helps her break free of the hedge witch, which allows Julia to get in touch with the jackpot of magic worlds, but she needs to do penance… that’s three Hail Marys for you, Julia.


The students of Brakebills are not only learning about magic, but how to treat people in a relationship. My opinion… they have a long way to go. All this time, Eliot played the part of happy little rich boy, but he comes clean with Mike when he reveals that he really a farm boy from Indiana. I like that Eliot isn’t a born snob. If he is as powerful as he appears on the show, then that magic came from Mother Earth… think Shaman. Indigenous people have long known that the land offers the cure for all that ails us. Where do you think the Pharmaceutical Companies get their cures; yep, the rain forest.


Was Mike an innocent bystander like he claimed? He didn’t hesitate to rip that bunny’s head from its body or to go after Quentin. Sure, the Beast controlled him, but I’m a believer of free will. Unfortunately for Mike and the Beast, Penny proves to be more than an obnoxious classmate while helping Quentin and Alice with a class project. Penny is stabbed when he keeps Mike from killing Quentin with the Virgo blade taken from the bunny. Penny is now growing a rose bush inside his body that is aiming to wrap itself around his heart… hence the title.


Possessed Mike is locked up in the school dungeon and, we learn that Eliza is really Jane Chatwin… a raise of hands if you really didn’t already know this, especially since she dressed the same as Jane. It really didn’t matter because Mike kills her. Is this series like The Matrix? If you die here, do you die in Fillory?

This is the part where the students finally understand the real need for magic. Good vs. Evil… good magic vs. evil magic. That is what this show is all about and, it’s also about friends helping friends. Thankfully, Quentin and Alice find a way to help Penny when they remember a spell used in the Fillory books and make a voodoo doll of Penny.


I am trying to keep positive about this show because there are many things that make this a fun series about magic, but I’m just not feeling it except when certain characters do something that really surprises me, like tonight, when Eliot (our little Indiana farm boy) steps up and does the right thing even when it means snapping the neck of the man you love. On this episode, Eliot was the person who kept the story moving.


So what do the foxes know? Quentin and Alice do what the young do and, celebrate with a romp between the sheets. Let’s hope they practice safe sex because magic doesn’t cure STD’s.

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