The X-Files S10 E06: My Struggle II

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The X-Files” has returned to FOX. Join Mieke Zamora-Mackay as she recaps the season finale, “My Struggle II.”

In this episode, we pick up from where the season premiere left off. Six weeks after Mulder and Scully are brought back together, pundit, Tad O’Malley is back on the air. As if the voice of truth, he commentates the apparent demise of the world from a global contagion activated by the conspiracy of men.

It is learned that the DNA of each and every human being has been tampered with. Introduced into each human through the administration of the small pox vaccine, is the dormant Spartan virus. When activated, it disables the immune system, making each person completely vulnerable to all the pathogens in the environment. The virus has been activated to begin the strategic depopulation of Earth. Mulder and Agent Miller are not spared from the attack of disease.


Through the return of former X-Files agent, Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish), it is revealed that a chosen few, one of which is Scully, had been given alien DNA that makes them immune to the attack of the Spartan virus.


With this knowledge, Scully and Agent Einstein develop a vaccine from her DNA to fight the Spartan virus.

Meanwhile, Mulder finds his way to confront CSM, the Cigarette Smoking Man, who has survived the attack in New Mexico (Season 9). CSM has forced the activation of the Spartan virus. It appears that he has grown weary of how humankind has behaved, and has decided to play God, but offering salvation to a chosen few, Mulder being one of them.


Mulder declines the offer, and continues to deteriorate to the point that despite the administration of the vaccine, he would not survive without the introduction of stem cells… and from whom shall they get it? From his son, William, of course. Before Scully and Agent Miller can devise a plan to find William, the mother ship arrives… and so ends the season.


And the entire world said, “What the F**?” Okay, maybe it was just me that said it, but I certainly know that I wasn’t the only one that thought it.

This was a high-tension episode, with so many plot turns that I couldn’t keep from looking at the clock wondering how they would be able to resolve everything at the end of the hour. That should have been my signal of how this thing was going to turn out. Sometimes the writing is on the wall (especially since my clock was actually hanging on the wall), but I refused to believe what it might mean. There was no intention to finish this story at this time.

The title of this episode is very apt for my feelings at the moment. I am struggling with the lack of fulfillment this season provided me. I am struggling with the feeling of betrayal by a something I have held in such high regard. I was a devoted fan. I invested my time and energy towards this show. All apparently for nothing.

I accept that the show never promised me closure, just like that boy that never promised me forever.   Then again, when I realized that there would be no happily ever after with the boy, I walked away. The same goes for this show.

Sorry. Not sorry.

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  1. I agree! Is there going to be another season? I thought this was a one-shot deal, to reward long-time fans and give us some closure.

    I’m not happy. 🙁

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