The Magicians S01 E03: Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting


The season premiere of “The Magicians” kept this little granny on the edge of her seat as we were introduced to the students of Brakebills, the College for Magical Pedagogy. On the last episode, Dean Fogg and the students try to recover from the Beast’s attack, Penny discovered the true identity of his mentor, Quentin is given a second chance and, Julie finds new friends. Will Quentin approve? Let your fingers do the tutting and follow me.


While Dean Fogg is back teaching class and sporting new glass eyes and snazzy dark glasses, Julie is learning magic and using it to her advantage. How many of us would love to have an ATM under our complete control. Julie is so devoted to honing her magic, that her poor boyfriend, James, thinks she’s cheating on him.


It has been three months since Quentin entered Brakebills and he needs to learn what his discipline is. After many false starts, Professor Sunderland tells Quentin that he’s undetermined. I think it’s a kind way of saying, loser.

Alice, on the other hand, has the discipline of bending light which comes in handy for breaking into Eliot’s party. Alice wants to find her brother and she’s willing to do whatever she has to do. Apparently, Alice forgot what happened the last time she tried to make contact.

Quentin, bless his undetermined heart, finds a book that tells them how to find spirits. With the help of a match, they find themselves at the Van Pelt Fountain, better known as Suicide Fountain. Did Charlie kill himself? Alice says no, but as they walk away, a hand comes out of the water. Was it Charlie who tried to drown the students in tonight’s episode? Alice  doesn’t trust Margo, but she’s forced to ask for her help. Margo has the discipline for gossip and comes through with a name; Emily Greenstreet.

After learning how her brother died when he attempted to save Emily from a spell gone wrong, Alice shows Quentin a Niffin Box that is able to hold a spirit captive. Do you know a spirit can be trapped inside a special box? It’s called a dybbuk. The box I saw had mirrors lining the inside. The mirrors help to confuse the spirit, usually a negative spirit, and keep it from escaping.


Arjun Gupta does a great job playing Penny as a no nonsense type of guy. His discipline is telepathy, but we already knew this. Penny learns that he is much more than a psychic when he his first attempt at meditation transports him to China.

The Magicians - Season 1

Penny has the discipline of a traveler which means he can travel anywhere he wants including other worlds. Dean Fogg and Professor Sunderland find Penny, but how they do this is never explained.

Book Sex

At Brakebills, books are not just books. Eliot is worried that a missing book will bring attention to the wild parties at the cottage. Eliot has volume two, but volume one is missing.


It’s time to go on a scavenger hunt that leads right to Julie. While volume two and volume one celebrate with a little book sex, Quentin and Julie have a major blow up about her hanging with the Pete and Marina.


There was a lot of humor and magic in this episode. Eliot played by Hale Appleman always lightens the mood when he is in a scene and, even Quentin and Alice were funny after a few of Eliot’s cocktails. Tonight’s fight scene between Quentin (Jason Ralph) and Julie (Stella Maeve) was believable and heartbreaking. Is this the end of their friendship? Julia was right about one thing. Why didn’t Quentin try to get her back into the school? We know Quentin has feelings for Julie, more than that of a friend, but maybe, he loves magic more.


Quentin got to see another part of Alice. She might be good with magic, but she’s also careless. The two times that she’s tried to contact her brother almost cost Quentin his life. Luckily, Quentin had the Niffin box to trap Charlie.

While a disappointed Alice packs her bags, Julie had to explain to James why she’s been so distant. Knowing James would never believe the truth, she tells him that she’s fighting a drug addiction. She didn’t lie. Magic is a drug.


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  1. I’m always astounded how this show making fun of Quentin, althought he is main character. Unlike him, the other character looks cool and more likeable. Eliot, I loved his personality and style, Alice she genius magician and has will to save her brother, and Penny having cool power teleport.

    and if I think comparing them with Quentin, I just laugh.

    1. Hi Sherlock. I have faith in Quentin. He is the underdog who will come out winning the day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this awesome show

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