Galavant – Battle of the Three Armies; The One True King (To Unite Them All)

This week was the finale of season 2 of Galavant. Did everyone get their happily ever after, or did things not work out for some characters? Will there be another season?


The first half of the hour opened with the jester singing a recap of the show’s second season. His performance is between Hortensia and Valencia’s armies, who are poised for battle. They applaud him at the conclusion of his song, both for his talent and their ability to get the war underway.

Princess Isabella attempts to rally her troops, who are prepared to go into battle with kitchen utensils, as their armory fell short on weaponry. They are outnumbered 3 to 1 by Valencia’s army, who have actual swords.


Gareth, Queen Madalena, and Wormwood retreat from the battlefield to their skybox overlooking the conflict. Gareth tells Madalena he wants to kill people with her before going on vacation together, but he believes she used dark magic against his wishes. Madalena informs him that she doesn’t want to go on vacation with him. A hurt Gareth leaves to rejoin Valencia’s forces.

Galavant and Richard arrive on the scene with their undead army. They enter the fight on the side of Hortensia.

Chef and Gwen reappear, and what passes for their home is in the middle of the fray. They take shelter underground as they are surrounded by fighters, and are shown unscathed at the squabble’s conclusion.

Queen Madalena is having second thoughts about using dark magic during the battle, because she reveals that she does care for Gareth. Gareth has been opposed to using any magic to help their cause. Wormwood is able to convince the queen to use D’DEW, introduced on last week’s episodes.

During the melee, Galavant and Isabella reunite and vow to never part, after much slapping of Gal’s bearded face. Gal has never stopped looking and longing for her, despite their previous miscommunication.

Richard and Gareth also cross paths on the battlefield. Gareth begins to apologize, but Richard tells him that he is just happy to see him again.

The treacherous wedding planner Wormwood uses his dark magic to control the zombie army. No longer are they loyal to Galavant. Instead they turn against both Galavant and Valencia’s army. The zombies are now attacking everyone, and Gareth learns the queen has betrayed him.

Both armies are behind the castle walls as the zombies threaten to break in. Madalena is allowed entry to speak with Gareth, to convince him to join her in safety, before the gates are breached. He refuses to leave his friend Richard, so Madalena leaves the armies to what she believes is their certain death.

The second half hour begins with King Richard having a duet with his inner child. He wonders what the future has in store for him, and if he will ever accomplish anything.

It turns out that Sid redeemed himself in a big way for nearly killing Galavant. He brought his own army, comprised of everyone from the second season, after visiting The Enchanted Forest.

Just as Isabella and Madalena square off, so do Richard and Wormwood. Richard is empowered as he realizes he wields the sword of the one true king. However, this fact doesn’t stop Wormwood from killing Richard’s beloved dragon/iguana Tad Cooper. When Richard exclaims, “you killed Tad Cooper!” I expected him to follow with “prepare to die!” but it didn’t happen. Instead, Richard broke the magic wand used to do Wormwood’s evil deeds.

The love story I wanted to see most to completion also didn’t happen. Gareth and Madalena admitted their love to each other, but still driven by a lust for ultimate power, Madalena leaves to find the dark evil lord who can give that to her. Gareth recruits Sid to help him rescue her from herself.

Relieved to see that Tad Cooper didn’t die, Richard leaves to find his dear Roberta, who is surprised that he did not die in battle as she expected. She abandons her trip for Spinster Island to go away with Richard. They appear to make a life together, and in the final scene, Tad Cooper becomes the fire-breathing dragon Richard knew all along he would be.

Our hero Galavant and his true love Princess Isabella are finally married, by the monk played by Weird Al Yankovic from the first season. The bride assumed her love’s first name was Galavant, but she is surprised to learn that it’s Gary. She wants 7 children, while Galavant would be content with 3 little ones.

The Gareth and Madalena storyline is left open. Madalena is in a quest for ultimate power, but Gareth wishes to stop her. Madalena is seen at the door of the dark evil lord. Just who is he? Could Gareth convince her to be with him, and be ruthless together? I would like to see this explored should Galavant be granted a third season. This show is unique and fun, and I am sad that it’s over. Can Galavant dodge the cancellation bear for a second time? Only time will tell.


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