The Expanse S01 E07: Windmills


On last week’s episode of “The Expanse,” Miller was dissed by Captain Shaddid and Fred Johnson sent Holden and his crew go on a mission. We are left wondering if anyone will find Diogo before he becomes a space Popsicle and who is the stowaway on the Rocinante?


Looking very much like Little Red Riding Hood, Chrisjen casually strolls through Montana’s snow on her way to a farm. It’s not granny she’s going to visit but Elise Holden (Frances Fisher). Chrisjen, who is more the wolf in this space opera, is definitely up to no good.


In order to obtain generational land rights, Elise and eight others combined their collective sperm and eggs to create James Holden which makes for one freaky futuristic hippie commune. James was reared to be a farmer and take over the land. So how did he wind up on the Roci?


After getting kicked off the force, Miller decides to take a vacation to Eros thanks to the latest information from his friend, Inspector Sematimba (Kevin Hanchard). Even though the Anubis never got to Eros, one of its shuttles did. If the Inspector looks familiar to you, it’s because he is Detective Art Bell from “Orphan Black.”


If you haven’t realized that Miller is falling in love with the missing heiress, his message to the girl’s father should convince you. Miller’s chat with Dawes reveals nothing new, but I like the tension between these two characters. Dawes might be fighting for the Belters, but I’m sure he’s not doing it for free. The one character that my heart goes out to is Octavia Muss. How many ways can this poor woman get her heart snapped in two by the clueless Miller?

Donkey Balls

Holden and his crew are my favorites of all the characters on this series. Each member of the crew, Amos, Naomi, Alex and Holden, has a backstory and we get bits and pieces with each episode. I’m invested in what happens to them, but right now Amos is still having a problem thinking of Holden as a leader. When a spy is found aboard the Roci, Amos wants to flush Kenzo (Elias Toufexis) out of the airlock. Maybe he should because this guy has a bionic eye and he’s sneaky as hell.


On their way to the last coordinates of Lionel Polansky, the Roci, disguised as gas hauler, winds up in the sights of a Martian Cruiser. We know that Kenzo is Chrisjen’s spy, but he did give the crew a hint on how to fool the Martians. Donkey Balls is the code name for Black Ops, but they need the code for the Roci to keep from being boarded.


I’m not sure what Chrisjen’s game is, or why she went to Holden’s home, but she did share her responsibility in her son’s death. Two women, one powerful and the other, the mother of a wanted man talk about their children. Elise tells Chrisjen why Holden didn’t become a farmer. Elise wanted Holden to be free. Chrisjen wants to understand Holden and especially why every ship he comes in contact ends up space debris. Errinwright tells Chrisjen that the Roci is heading towards Eros.


Love all of the Roci crew, but Amos is definitely an interesting character. He thinks like a person who grew up in the streets. His gut is telling him not to trust Kenzo. I wonder if Holden would have shot Amos if the Martians had boarded the Roci.


So far, I have not been disappointed in this show. “The Expanse” series gives a more accurate description of a future run by and for the benefit of powerful corporations and, it’s not a pretty picture. The plot for those of us who haven’t read the books can get a bit confusing, but the writing is good and so is the acting. See you next week on Eros, my little Belters. I wonder if Diogo will ever be rescued?


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