Galavant – Giants vs. Dwarves; About Last Night

My favorite plot on last week’s episode of Galavant was the budding romance between Madalena and Gareth. How did the potential couple fare this week?


The beginning of this week’s episode again found King Richard and Galavant at odds. The knight was holding the jewel of Valencia in his possession in order to convince the giants to help him rescue Princess Isabella. Unfortunately, King Richard traded the jewel for a dragon he named Tad Cooper, who oddly resembles an iguana. Angered by another of the king’s blunders, Galavant tells him he doesn’t want his help in rescuing the princess and plans to go it alone.

Back in Hortensia, Princess Isabella’s mother notices that there is something odd about her daughter’s recent behavior. Not wanting his plot foiled, Wormwood the wedding planner intervenes by suggesting Isabella banish her parents to the dungeon, which she does, as he still has control over her through the enchanted tiara.

Galavant searches for the giants alone, hoping they will form an army to rescue his true love Isabella. It turns out that the “giants” are short giants, roughly the same height as the hero. They agree to help Galavant in his quest on the condition that he help them defeat the dwarves. The “dwarves” are tall dwarves, their height equaling the size of the giants. The two groups have a feud over a bridge that has lasted for years.

In Valencia, Sid notices changes in Gareth. The king confesses that he thinks he may be falling in love with Queen Madalena. The assistant explains to Gareth the “bro code,” of which he is unfamiliar, before speaking freely on the matter.

On the day of the fight between the giants and dwarves, Galavant is surprised to see King Richard appear on the side of the dwarves. Roberta attempts to stop the squabble, but the groups agree to a battle another day.

Believing he is protected by the bro code, Sid advises Gareth against falling for the queen. He points out her faults, and the failure of her past relationships. Nothing good could come from the pairing, and Gareth agrees.

Princess Isabella hadn’t received a wedding response from Princess Jubilee, so she pays the young woman a visit. In one of the best songs of the series, we find that this princess is more goth than glam. In an unladylike gesture, Princess Jubilee belches the enchanted tiara off Isabella’s head. After it tumbles to the floor, Isabella returns to normal, realizing that Wormwood was behind her sudden interest in marrying her cousin Harry. (In case you were wondering, Princess Jubilee was not planning to attend the wedding).


On the day of the battle, it is Roberta who points out that the dwarves and giants are all about the same height, 5’10”. Fighting proves difficult as they are unable to tell the two sides apart. As she has been trying to keep the peace, Roberta fixes the bridge. The groups concede that they need each other, and put their differences aside. Galavant apologizes to Richard, and describes him above all as loyal.

Sid is in big trouble. Gareth violated the bro code, repeating and manufacturing smears against the queen to Madalena herself. After ordering the guards to kill Gareth’s assistant, the queen takes her seat beside Gareth and reveals that she likes him, too.

The first half hour concludes with Isabella vowing a confrontation with the nefarious wedding planner. No longer under his control, she wants the wedding stopped.

The second half hour begins with Sid’s likeness on a wanted poster. He has fled the castle and is hiding from Madalena and Gareth.

Richard, Roberta, and Galavant are riding through the woods when they find property owned by Galavant’s father. The knight is reluctant to call upon him, but his companions insist. On the way, Galavant tells them how rotten his father was when he was a child. The elder Galavant greets the travelers with enthusiasm.

Queen Madalena throws a surprise party for Gareth’s birthday. He is not impressed with his gifts befitting a king. When the queen asks him what he would like for his birthday, Gareth tells her he would like to visit a local tavern and get into a scuffle with a patron to earn another scar.

Isabella confronts her wedding planner to let him know she is on to his plan, using the enchanted tiara to control her. Wormwood informs her that he is a master of the dark arts, and only the sword wielded by the one true king can stop him. We know Richard still possesses that special sword, as he is shown using it to open nuts.

Galavant’s father now runs a swordsmanship school for at-risk youth. His students seem nothing but appreciative of all he has done for them, different from the selfish monster that Galavant portrayed.

Madalena takes Gareth to a tavern, but no one will fight the king because of the crown on his head. He is unable to goad any of them into a scrap, as no one is willing to scar their ruler.

Sid is walking through the forest to escape his queen’s wrath when he stumbles upon Wormwood. As fate would have it, they are traveling to where the other was leaving, but Sid first wants to see Galavant.

Isabella’s parents emerge from the dungeon. They apologize to their daughter for the wedding mess, and seek to break her engagement to Harry.

Galavant spends alone time with his father, and sees the many tapestries on the walls, depicting Galavant’s life. The elder Galavant tells his son that knights express themselves best through the use of tapestries. He had been following Galavant throughout his life. He apologizes for being a lousy father and husband, and encourages his son to rescue and marry Isabella.

Queen Madalena presents Wormwood to Gareth, suggesting they start an unprovoked attack on Hortensia. Gareth pulls his sword from its scabbard, salivating at the idea because, after all, we know how much he enjoys violence.


Sid finds Galavant at his father’s place. He tells the knight that he brought his sword, and throws it to Galavant, assuming he will catch it. The sword pierces the hero’s chest instead, and he falls to the ground. Is this really the end of the line for Galavant? I can’t wait until next week to see how the plots continue.

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