Galavant – Aw, Hell, the King; Bewitched, Bothered and Belittled

The last episode of Galavant saw the knight and his king on a road trip, one man to rescue his true love, and the other to reclaim his kingdom. Through miscommunication, Isabella believed Gal no longer loved her. Gareth replaced Richard on the throne in Valencia and Queen Madalena gave him the title of king. The pair agreed to disagree on almost everything. How did the characters fare this week?


Galavant and King Richard arrive in Valencia only to learn that the king’s beloved castle was torn down and replaced with homes and shops for his people. (But isn’t the king’s former castle where Gareth and Madalena reside?) In addition to losing his home, it appears he has lost the respect of his former subjects. In fact, the people are more excited to meet the fabled Galavant than they are to get close to King Richard. They tell Richard that since he had been gone for such a long time, the people formed a democracy. It’s not a true democracy, as not quite everyone has a vote (women and bastards among the excluded), but this new development leaves Richard with an identity crisis. Being a king is all he knows, and he’s not sure what else would suit him. While he laments his lot in life, his sword glows gold before returning to its silver color. The previous episode saw Richard pull the sword from a rock, which was to be taken only by the true king. Time will tell if Richard reclaims his kingdom.

This week a new character was introduced, Chester Wormwood, the wedding planner. He is going to coordinate Isabella’s wedding to her 11 year old cousin Harry. As his name might imply, he has an agenda of his own. He gifted the princess with an enchanted tiara, which she doesn’t realize will allow him to control her mind. It is his desire to take over Hortencia.


While Isabella wanted no part in the planning of her wedding, once the tiara was in place she began to relish the idea of being married. Gwen and Chef, along with the jester, noticed the changes in her demeanor, but the princess paid no attention to their concern. Gwen is increasingly uncomfortable with her more upscale life, and she and Chef take their leave of Hortencia together.

Back in Valencia, Gareth’s recurring nightmares about King Richard and subsequent screaming wake Queen Madalena in her bedchamber. She tells their assistant Sid that he needs to fix the problem, or else she will cut his throat. The lady takes her beauty sleep seriously. Sid gets Gareth to understand that it is his underlying guilt of betraying his good friend that is causing his bad dreams. Gareth admits he feels bad about replacing his friend, and misses him. Sid plucks the bad dreams from Gareth’s head like his mother would do for him, and the new king is relieved, most likely due to the realization of what is behind his nightly disturbances.

Galavant would like use of Valencia’s citizen’s army to help him in his quest to rescue Isabella. At the suggestion that his idea be put to a vote, he presents his request during a town hall meeting. King Richard helps present Gal’s cause in the best light, but only one person agrees to help, a pretty woman named Roberta. So much for the army.

It turns out that the woman and Richard have known each other since they were children. In an attempt to turn the king’s attention away from helping him, Galavant tries to initiate a romance between the two. It doesn’t go as planned, the pair are more like siblings despite Gal’s best efforts. In the end we’re left believing that Roberta wants more from Richard, as she longingly smells the rose Galavant helped him give to her during their dinner.

Queen Madalena is delighted to receive an invitation for a Sunday roast, held by a group of queens from other realms. She met her hostesses when she was but a girl, and was not treated well by them, the young women taunting her and calling her poor. Still, she admired their grand earrings and hoped she would one day be just like them.

The queen attended the soiree, not knowing it was her the mean queens intended to roast. Madalena took their verbal jabs with the grace befitting a noblewoman, even telling Gareth she spent the night dancing after he questioned her disheveled appearance when she returned to the castle.

The truth was that Madalena was not at all happy when she returned, and even more miserable to discover that she was beginning to have feelings. The walls she had built around her with her cold, calculating personality were cracking. She sang about her new discovery, which Gareth overheard. He presented her majesty with a gift, beautiful earrings just like the other queens wore. Boorish Gareth neglected to remove the baubles from the ears they adorned, but his grisly offering was appreciated by Madalena, who thanked him and kissed his cheek.


I am looking forward to seeing the progression of Gareth and the queen’s relationship. I’m rooting for them as much as I am Gal and Isabella, Richard and Roberta. Will everyone have a happily ever after at the conclusion of this season?

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