The Librarians S02 E05: The Hollow Men


Have you ever wished that your favorite place in the world was a person? Perhaps Flynn Carsen has never thought of it before, but on this Noah Wylie-directed episode of “The Librarians,” that wish comes true.

An Awkward Reunion

The episode opens with the gang, minus Cassandra, skulking around a Billionaire’s private collection. They are searching for one of the Library’s missing artifacts, the Eye of Zarathustra.

They are surprised by Flynn who is also searching for the Eye of Zarathustra. Flynn and Eve have a tiff. He’s upset that she is artifact hunting. She is upset at his lack of team player-ness.


While the two are busy being “argue-y,” Ezekiel and Jake are being lulled to sleep by the Magical Flutes of Pan.


As an insomniac, I was wondering how I could get my hands on the flute. Maybe I could mass produce the flute for the rest of the sleepless public. It looks like such a pleasant sleep, though I suppose, per the episode, it could be misused in the wrong hands.

Too busy with their spat, Eve and Flynn also fall prey to the flute.

When Eve, Jake, and Ezekiel wake, they find Flynn, and the Eye of Zarathustra, have disappeared.

Flynn awakes to discover that he has been kidnapped by a captor who has lost his memories. He has no idea who he is, but knows that for some reason he needs Flynn. He also needs the Eye of Zarathustra to help him find the Staff of Zarathustra. I wonder how many Zarathustra items exist?

Drew Powell did an outstanding job playing the unstable, chaotic, Ray. Kind of like Jack Black meets Bert Kreischer.

Back at The Library, we learn that The Library has hastened its demise.

Every time I watch a show where a character is saved via Morse code, I wonder if I should study Morse code just in case an escapade goes awry. Of course Flynn has to show off by using Chinese telegraph code.  The Librarians are able to decipher Flynn’s fancy foot taping to figure out where he is being held.


Good effort, but they aren’t fast enough. Before they arrive, Ray and Flynn abscond on a road trip.

Precisely Charming

Bad for the gang, but good for me, Moriarty shows up. He’s intelligent, has an ear pleasing accent, is a dapper dresser, and by admission a planner. I could fix his evil inclinations, right?


I completely understand Cassandra fangirling.

After a brief scuffle with Moriarty’s thugs, The Librarians escape through the Library’s every growing unstable door, leaving Eve behind to go on her own road trip with Moriarty.

One More Milkshake

Ray collapses with a headache. Flynn finally understands who or more appropriately what Ray is.

Any well rounded fanboy/fangirl easily made the connection between this episode of “The Librarians” and one of the most popular episodes of “Doctor Who.” Just as the soul of the TARDIS inhabited a person, so does the spirit of The Library.

Ray, a mobile Library, travels in a mobile library with Flynn to find a  temple.

No stranger to temple booby traps, Flynn guides a reluctant Ray through  flying arrows and flames, leaving The Library spirit turned human only slightly traumatized.


I like to fancy myself a grand adventurer, but I know I would freak out just like Ray if I found myself being pelted with arrows. Relax Flynn says, enjoy the Temple he says, sure.

Also reluctant, Eve accepts Moriarty’s help to locate Flynn. Moriarty states that he wants the staff not for Prospero, but to break Prospero’s enslavement. Can you ever trust Moriarty?

Best Friends

Moriarty and Eve show up as the Staff of Zarathustra is sucking the life from The Library/Ray. One of the three must grab the staff to save The Library from extinction. Flynn is automatically out as The Library cannot kill a Librarian. Eve volunteers, but Flynn protests. He may not want to share adventures with Eve, but he certainly does not want to lose her.  The logical choice becomes Moriarty, since, being a fictional, he can’t be killed by the staff. Of course, big surprise,  once he has the staff, he splits.

The Library is in the throes of death.

The ghost lights, a fantastic, creative concept that will never let me look at theaters the same again, go out one by one. Jenkins prepares to sacrifice himself, allowing The Library to feed on his immortality.

Of course Flynn returns with Ray just in time.

After a few touching bromance moments between Flynn and his best friend The Library, Ray disintegrates into sparkly gold particles.

With the spirit of The Library returned, The Library is alive and well. Flynn sets out solo once again, which prompts a cold farewell from Eve. As someone who is independent and introverted, I have a hard time being as mad at Flynn as Eve is for his wanting to fly solo.


Though not completely unfamiliar, I loved the concept of The Library becoming human. I would not be opposed to Sexy from “Doctor Who” and Ray having their own spin-off where they go around having adventures. I was overjoyed to see Moriarty again, and as if the show couldn’t get better, next week’s episode stars “Star Trek” and “My Little Pony” favorite, John de Lancie. Is it Sunday yet?

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