Twin Peaks S02 E20: The Path to the Black Lodge


On the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” Love was in the air for both Cooper and Gordon, Donna suspects her mother of cavorting with Ben and, Windom has left a nasty clue. Will the clues from Owl Cave and Windom’s connection to Project Blue Book lead us to the Black Lodge?

We pick up in this episode with the sheriff’s department transporting the chess piece into the ambulance. Cooper and Harry talk to the friend of the very dead chess piece. From the friend’s account, Rusty was part of a rock band and while they were in the woods, Bigfoot (Windom in costume?) dropped by with an offer of never-ending beer. Rusty was the only dummy that went with Windom.


Cooper tells Harry that Windom is now playing off the board with his latest move. If you’ve never seen the show before and only know it from reading my recaps, then this is the episode that finally explains why Windom went psychopath on Cooper. Major Briggs, who in the first season was more of a bit player, has moved up in status during the second season of the show. Now, the man with all the answers, Major Briggs has some news about Windom’s connection to the Air Force’s study of UFOs.

When did Windom Earle go from top federal agent to mad hatter? I foolishly thought it had to do with the horrors of the job. It’s not easy being a federal agent and dealing day-to-day with cold-hearted killers and criminals, but this wasn’t what drove Windom mad. The video that Briggs shows Cooper and Harry reveal what happened to Windom when the Air Force’s search for extraterrestrials moved from outer space to the woods surrounding Twin Peaks.


Windom’s ramblings about the Black Lodge, evil entities and, evil for evil’s sake, were probably why Windom was kicked off Project Blue Book. But, the man knew what he was talking about. There is definitely something evil about Twin Peaks and maybe it has to do with aliens… or maybe it’s all about the darkness that grows and feeds on the misdeeds of the town. Horror writer, Stephen King, would understand the evil Windom speaks of. He’s written many a story on that very subject.

After showing the tape to Cooper, Briggs wants to take a walk in the woods. This idea is stupid for two reasons. First, the woods are dangerous and Briggs had already been abducted on that fishing trip with Cooper, so why risk getting abducted again. Second, Windom is able to hear all conversations via the bugged Bonsai tree and, we all know what that means.


While Lucy informs Andy that she’s entering the contest because she needs the money for the baby, Hawk has gathered Windom’s intended targets at the station. Cooper finally warns Shelly, Donna and Audrey that the strange man they’ve all encountered is a dangerous sociopath. The girls will now need to keep everyone aware of their whereabouts at all times. I was surprised that Cooper didn’t assign someone to stay with the girls, or maybe, send all three out of town until Windom was captured. This was a slipup that didn’t go unnoticed by me.


In this episode, Windom’s deck of ‘Queens’ are all dealing with man issues: Audrey with John, Shelly with Bobby and Donna with Ben. When you think about it, Ben has something to do with all three girls’ man issues. At the Double R, Bobby, who thought he was a big deal working for Ben, was brought down a few notches after Gordon kissed Shelly. Now, Bobby wants to help Shelly with her pageant speech. Bobby pledges his love to Shelly, but what grabs our attention is the strange woman eating her pie. What made her hand begin to shake?


Audrey has fallen for John in a big way, but after Ben tells his daughter that John is leaving. Audrey gets Pete to take her to the airport. Twin Peaks has an airport? Audrey tells John that she’s a virgin. I never expected our little Audrey to become a member of the Mile High Club, but she does even though John’s private jet remains grounded. After John (the dirty dog) flies off to South America, Pete’s hand starts shaking.

While Donna discovers old photos of her parents and Ben together and her birth certificate without a father’s name listed, Ben is chatting with Doc Hayward. Ben hasn’t felt good since he began playing the nice guy/environmentalist. Doc tells Ben to stay away from Eileen, but Ben wants to do the right thing and put the lies to rest. Sometimes, telling the truth can tear a family apart. Is this what Ben wants to do?


I don’t like the character of Leo but he does love his wife. After seeing Shelly’s face on one of the playing cards, Leo tries to stop Windom. Leo tries to use the zapper on Windom, but Leo, the dumb ass, forgot that he is the one wearing the electrical collar.

Weenie File

We just can’t seem to get rid of needless scenes. Luckily, we were spared more Nadine and Mike stuff, but why is Lana still in this show? Why would we care that Dick was one of the judges or that the mayor wants Lana to wear her special dress with the slit? Unless Windom does us the favor of killing Lana if she did win, we really don’t care about Lana. Lucy also made it to the weenie file after telling Andy that she is still deciding who will win the title of baby daddy. How about choosing someone who will truly love and care for the child.

Catherine’s and Andrew’s finding another puzzle box within the moon phase puzzle box and Andy’s expert advice on conservation kept these two scenes from making the weenie file this week. Does the puzzle box have any connection to the drawings in Owl Cave and if it does, how did Eckhardt get hold of it?


Our little Cooper is definitely in love, but as he looks out the window, his hand begins to shake making him the third person to exhibit this strange phenomenon. What does it all mean? Cooper and Annie are in love and we want that kiss to last forever, right? It was neat how the camera zoomed in on the dripping syrup when Annie and Cooper accidentally knocked over some dishes. The actress who plays Annie, Heather Graham, is so good at making me forget that I always wanted Audrey to be Cooper’s girlfriend. I guess Heather’s Annie is more suited for our knight is armor.


Was the dripping syrup a “Twin Peaks” way of a warning? Later, at the Pre-Miss Twin Peaks Pageant Dance, Cooper teaches a nervous Annie how to dance. I don’t know about you, but any man who considers dancing as a walking embrace, is a KEEPER in my book. Annie tells Cooper that’s she thinking of entering the pageant.

Briggs meets Mr. Ed when Windom, dressed in a horse costume, tranquilizes him. It was unnerving seeing Briggs tied to that bullseye. With the help of some truth serum, Windom finally connects the dots. While Briggs and Leo suffer a drug overdose, Windom realizes that the drawings in the cave are a map to the Black Lodge.


While Cooper has another vision of the giant frantically waving his arms and mouthing the words, “NO” to Annie’s mention of the pageant, something evil is making its appearance in the woods. As light shines down on a puddle of black liquid, a shaking hand emerges into the light. It is the hand of BOB, the incarnate of evil. BOB is back and so is the Black Lodge.


Unfortunately, by the time BOB makes his appearance in the woods and Windom discovers the map, “Twin Peaks” has lost most of its first year’s viewers. The show has gone from a whopping 34 million viewers to a measly 7 million and it’s looking like no chess move will save this series.


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