Defiance S03 E12: The Awakening


Holy Shtako, my little Votans! On last week’s episode of “Defiance,” we watched Kindzi kill her father and then eat his heart. Makes one wonder how the Omecs celebrate other family gatherings. While Kindzi sends down her crew of purple people eaters, Dr. Yewll is working on the entrée.  More after the jump.

Dr. Yewll

I’ve been commenting during this entire series how much I like Trenna Keating’s Dr. Yewll. This season, the creators of Defiance have allowed the other cast members of the show to step up to the plate and this formula, in my opinion, has made this season of “Defiance” one of the best.

We, the fans, were treated to Dr. Yewll’s witty and kickass comments as she tried to deal with events stemming from General Rahm Tak’s march on Defiance, Datak and Stahma’s treason, Nolan and Irisa’s arktech and, the appearance of the Omecs. Sometimes, in novels and television shows, shinning the spotlight on a lesser character helps to present a different perspective to the plot.

Defiance - Season 3

Dr. Yewll had a command probe inserted into her neck by Kindzi, and now, our witty Indogene is forced to obey Kindzi’s command to collect food for her awakened crew. We are talking thousands of hungry Omecs who enjoy snacking on people and Votans. While her fellow townspeople plead for their lives, Yewll is forced to watch as Kindzi and the other Omecs feast on her friends. But, there are two entrees in particular that she tries to keep alive; Datak and her assistant, Samir.

It is during these scenes that we realize that for all their name calling and insults to each other, that there is a bond between Datak and Yewll. We forget that Indogenes and Castithans evolved on the same planet and have bickered for years over who was more superior, but we saw in this episode that Yewll and Datak care for each other. They are friends and that is why she helps him escape.


With Conrad Coates’ character T’evgin dead, Nicole Galicia takes front and center stage as the All Mother figure to her people. I really hated to see T’evgin die so soon. I think we could have milked another whole season from this character, but…I’m not writing the script, that said, Nicole Galicia’s Kindzi is wickedly fun as a bad-ass carnivore. She not only killed her own father, but she ate his heart and other organs. By eating someone stronger than yourself, you gain their strength. Kindzi tricks her crew into thinking the humans killed T’evgin. Wicked!


The Omecs are not the only ones who believe the eating of their enemies makes them stronger. The act of eating your enemy is an ancient custom of humans, too. Ancient people ate the body parts of an enemy to gain their powers, as a means of intimidation and some, as respect for the dead. There are many recorded incidents where people were forced into cannibalism just to survive. They say that people taste like chicken. I don’t ever want to find out if this is true.

One of the scariest scenes in this episode was when Nolan and Irisa shot at Kindzi while she and her crew were feeding. She was like the Terminator. The bullets did not kill or stop her from chasing after the fleeing heroes.


Kindzi’s quest to kill Stahma and her family has Amanda doubting herself as a leader, and Stahma fleeing for her life. Stahma’s fear that Datak is dead sends her fleeing to her son’s home. He’s not happy to see his mother.


Jesse Rath’s Alak Tarr is another character that was allowed to evolve on this series and I like the new Alak. It wasn’t just Stahma’s killing of Christie that made Alak hate Stahma. Apparently, Alak has a long list of ‘Bad Mom Moments’ stemming from his childhood. What was sweet to watch was Alak was dancing with the baby.

Alak’s fears that Stahma’s arrival at his home would bring Kindzi to his front door, proves to be correct.


There is only one more episode left before season 3 ends. I hope the creators of the show don’t drop the ball and they keep this season’s awesomeness going into the next. Watching the usually cool and calm Amanda have a breakdown when she hears the Omec pods landing, was a welcome change. I love that Julie Benz’s Amanda is a strong woman, but this fear of not being able to protect her people, was a great touch. You can’t be strong 24/7. Nolan comforts her with a kiss and maybe we’ll see more romance between the two. I also love Amanda’s outfits which are definitely steampunk worthy. The kiss and rousing speech from Nolan makes Amanda ready to take on the entire Omec crew.


Datak’s bionic arm came in handy, and he made a clean escape. I just hope he’s heading over to Alak’s home. They need his help. After Amanda rips the arktech from Dr. Yewll’s neck, Yewll goes Mad Max on the Omecs. Samir’s prayer to a higher entity is answered before he becomes a mid-day snack when Nolan, Irisa, Yewll, Amanda and Berlin show up on the scene.


Alak’s fears that Stahma led Kindzi to his door are unnervingly fulfilled. In the last few moments of this episode we watch Kindzi beat the hell out of Stahma, kill Andina, then Alak flying across the room. Kindzi holds baby Luke in her arms, but it’s not a lullaby she’s singing to the boy.


See you next week, my little Votans. I just hope Datak has other attachments to his bionic arm. His grandson needs him.


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      1. All caught up, including the finale … as Mr Vader was wont to say, “Impressive!” 😀

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