Defiance S03 E10: When Twilight Dims the Sky Above


The introduction of the Omecs and General Tak to the cast of “Defiance” in season three was brilliant. Our heroes are only as interesting as their adversaries make them. Lee Tergesen’s ear eating, head spiking, General Rahm Tak brought some great old fashion fun to the series. But, it was the Defiance ladies who stole the show on last week’s episode. Amanda is made an offer by the Votanis Collective, but she’ll need Stahma’s help.



While Nolan is becoming royally plastered, Stahma is feeling the heat. On the one hand, the big purple guy, T’evgin, wants Stahma to be his mate, but… Stahma doesn’t want to leave her son and grandson. With Datak dead and, the whole town of Defiance hating her guts, T’evgin’s offer to go away to Australia with him sounds somewhat plausible, even if Stahma has no freaking idea where Australia is located. While Nolan talks to his hallucination (the younger, nastier, Nolan), the Votanis Collective rolls into town.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am so happy that our rascally rabbit is alive. Datak has more lives than a black cat on Halloween. He arrives with the Vice Chandler, Silora Voske, and he is sporting a robotic arm. T’evgin and Nolan are not happy with the arrival of the Collective; Nolan because he’s confused; T’evgin because Datak is alive.

Defiance - Season 3

Jaime Murray has done such a wonderful job of showing the many sides of a very complicated Stahma this season. We see Stahma in a vulnerable position and we feel her desperation: She killed Christie to save her grandson, but Alak will not forgive her; she destroyed the arch to protect her son, but she is considered a traitor by the people of Defiance and, Amanda wants to hang her for Kenya’s murder. Stahma’s joy in seeing Datak alive stuns everyone including her husband.

Peace Treaty

Women should rule the world and, I firmly believe that our country is ready for a female president, even if it is Hillary. Amanda and Silora talk peace over a rare cup of coffee. We forget what’s often lost in a war. Yes, there is the unreplaceable loss of life, but we also lose some of the creature comforts that we so often take for granted. I don’t function without coffee and, if I miss a few days of coffee, I become miserable and combative. I turn into a witch; the wicked witch. That cup of coffee that Silora shares with Amanda reveals what is possible in trade between Defiance and South America if Stahma plays along.


General Tak was a rogue general, but a lot of Votans believed him a hero. Omecs are considered monsters, but T’evgin’s desire to blend in gives a glimmer of hope to both Amanda and Silora that peace can be obtained, but everything depends of our sexy Castithan.The confrontation between Julie Benz’ Amanda and Murray’s Stahma was one of the highlights on tonight’s episode. The dialogue was believable, the anger palpable. Amanda wants Stahma’s head, but she needs Stahma to sweet talk T’evgin into attending the party. I love when Amanda and Stahma flash their claws and hiss at each other. It belies the fact they are BFFs in real life.

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I don’t like that Nolan is acting so crazy, but it does open the curtain a bit, allowing us to study our hero. In episode five, Nolan had to face the fact that he wasn’t a good father to Irisa, but now, Nolan is out of control and listening to a younger version of himself. During the Pale Wars, Nolan was known as ‘The Butcher of Yosemite’ now, because of the arktech implant in his skull, he is acting erratically. Irisa asks for help, but Dr. Yewll has her own problems and, an implant that controls her. Did I mention how much I like Dr. Yewll? Her satiric comments make me laugh out loud.


I enjoyed tonight’s episode, although, I wish we had more time with Vice Chandler Voske. Nolan’s hallucinations caused him to see weapons of mass destruction when none existed. The women of Defiance stole the show for a second week. Amanda wanted the peace treaty to work and it would have if Nolan hadn’t killed the Vice Chandler. Irisa was trying to get help for Nolan, but he was too sick to realize it. Stahma had to swallow her pride and take T’evgin to the party, causing a rift between her and Datak and, her and T’evgin.

Defiance - Season 3

Because of Dr. Yewll’s implant, Kindzi pulled a Cinderella and showed up uninvited to the party. She later deep freezes daddy dearest. Raise your hand if you think Kindzi would make for a great Catwoman in the next Batman film. Nolan is captured thanks to Irisa. She finally had the chance to use that needle… but since they can’t be separated because of the implants, she’s taken prisoner along with Nolan.


That peace treaty was very important to Amanda and the town of Defiance. Sometimes, it’s better to just sit down and chat over a good cup of coffee. Treaties won’t make friends out of your enemies… but it will make enemies behave more like your friend. I hope the GOP understands this. Pour yourselves a hot cup of coffee and pass the treaty with Iran.

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