Defiance S03 E09: Ostinato in White


Hot Damn! Datak is the man! This season of “Defiance” has been amazing and, on last week’s episode, we were treated to a spectacular end of General Tak’s army thanks to our favorite rascally Castithan. But, we’re not out of the woods, yet. There’s a new threat; a new monster and, it has something to do with Dr. Yewll.


The town has been saved, but at a cost. Many of the brave ragtag Defiance soldiers were killed in that mine explosion thanks to the diabolical Bebe. It was his plan all along and Nolan was unable to stop it. Now, Nolan has to face the grief and anger of the families.

Defiance - Season 3

While a monster is moving unseen through the streets of Defiance, ripping apart and feasting on its victims, Nolan has to make peace with Zero’s father. Indur doesn’t want to hear Nolan’s explanations on how Zero died. He wants his son back. Zero made stew every Tuesday, while his father teased him good naturedly. Now, there will only be one plate at the table.

I am truly enjoying this season of one of the best science fiction shows on television. We are given a chance to learn more about the characters. We are shown their faults and we must decide if they are redeemable. Nolan is faced with the realization that he’s not that good a general.

Defiance - Season 3


Stahma is facing the same soul searching as Nolan. T’evgin tells her that Datak is dead. I don’t think he is, but for now, Stahma believes this. Datak’s mission has saved Defiance and earned her a pardon, but she is not welcomed by the townsfolk or her remaining family. Andina tells Stahma that Alak has a gun with two bullets, and they are for her; one for Christie and one for Rafe.


While Nolan and Irisa seem to be growing closer in their relationship, Kindzi is at war with her father. She sees the humans and Votans as food, but for some reason, she has a special hatred of Dr. Yewll. Bodies are turning up left and right and, all over the damn town as a monster rips and shreds its way through its victims.

Defiance - Season 3

Dr. Yewll and her assistant, Samir, discover something unnerving about the first victim. Samir (Raymond Ablack) is the perfect assistant to our wise cracking sarcastic Dr. Yewll and they are both shocked to learn that victim #1 in not only an Indogene, but a clone of Dr. Yewll. Who is cloning our favorite doctor?


It’s hard being a parent and even the aliens are not spared the anger and delusions of their spawns. T’evgin is striving for peace with the people of Defiance, while his daughter Kindzi wants to harvest them for food. That is why she created the clones and why she attacked and fed on them. When she was trying to get it on with Nolan, I wondered if she would kill him after they had had sex. The praying mantis came to mind. Luckily, we don’t find out because of the strange growling outside. When Dr. Yewll confronts Kindzi about the clones, Kindzi imbeds a device into Yewll’s neck, making her obedient. Kindzi’s confrontation with her Omec father lands her in the deep freeze. The Omecs have been a welcomed addition to the show. T’evgin is frightful when he exposes those fangs, but he is trying to play nice with his potential food.


Nolan thought that he had reached some sort of understanding with the grieving Indur. Nolan told Indur to not let Zero’s death eat away at him. The advice was ignored and Indur is dead. The death of a soldier, even when that soldier died a hero’s death, is always hardest on the family.

Stahma is alone, her husband dead, although I’m holding out for a surprise appearance from Datak. Her only son despises her and refuses to let her see him or the grandchild. She is a traitor and a terrorist and the town will not forgive her. Amanda will not forgive her. I’m worried about Stahma. I’ve never seen her so afraid and so powerless and, I don’t feel easy with the preparations we see her performing. What does it mean?

Tonight’s show was really about Dr. Yewll. Trenna Keating has made her character someone that I enjoy watching. Yewll has secrets and we don’t really know where her loyalty lays, but her wit and sarcasm will on many occasions save the day. Too bad, Samir had to suffer because of the the implant in Yewll’s neck. He made for a good sidekick.


I’ve noticed something about “Defiance.” It is the women in this series that holds our attention. Nolan, Datak, Alak, Pottinger, General Tak are the Mad Max stereotypes of the future. Rough and tough, they will fight and kill their way through the apocalypse. But, in the end, it is the women like Amanda, Stahma, Irisa and Yewll who are the most cunning. Some are resourceful in order to protect their young. Some do it to protect their species. The women of Defiance have learned to look past the apocalypse and to the future.

See you next week, my little Votans. Raise of hands on how many of you feel that Datak is still alive.

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  1. Me!! I believe Datak is alive. They even showed him waking after he blew up Tak’s army. Oh, yes, he is most definitely alive. I can’t wait to see what he has planned.

    1. I’m so happy that I’m not alone with feeling that our rascally little rabbit is still out there. The show would not be the same without all the Tarrs. Hopefully, he’ll show his face in the upcoming episode.

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