Defiance S03 E07: The Beauty of Our Weapons

Defiance - Season 3

The gloves are off! On last week’s episode of “Defiance,” Alak went against his parents and joined forces with Nolan. Datak is in jail and a badly injured Stahma has asked for sanctuary from the Omecs. The good news is that Berlin’s old boyfriend is an arms dealer, but will Nolan be able to recruit enough aliens to fight General Tak.

Rough Justice

This may be one time that Datak won’t be able to talk himself out of trouble. Although Amanda is bruised from her fight with Stahma, Datak is still judged for his crime of treason and the verdict; death by hanging. This episode was a somber one on many levels. Tony Curran has always played his Datak as a calculating opportunist, but there were many times that he surprised us with his chivalry and his comedic conversations with Dr. Yewll. Sure, he always had an ulterior motive for doing the right thing when least expected, and sure, no good deed was done unless it benefited the Tarr family, but Datak kept us on our toes. We never knew what to expect from him.


As General Tak’s men drill a tunnel under the town of Defiance, Datak finds that he is totally alone. Stahma is hiding out at T’evgin’s home with a very unhappy Kindzi. And, his son Alak has practically disowned him as a traitor. Alak even goes as far as to refuse Datak seeing baby Luke one more time. Datak asks Amanda to grant him a Castithan death on the Shaming Rack. If you remember, in the first season, Datak had ordered a fellow Votan to die this painful and slow death where stones are added to weights until the limbs are torn from the body.

While Datak awaits his death, Stahma is having her own problems. Even though T’evgin has the hots for her, his daughter does not. On the last episode we learned that incest is alive and healthy among the Omecs and, although Kindzi swears she isn’t jealous, the first thing she does as soon as dad leaves is try to snack on Stahma. This is the first time we’ve seen Stahma pitted against a female more dangerous than herself. Stahma is afraid and I wasn’t sure how to handle this side of Defiance’s sexiest alien. I can’t imagine “Defiance” without Stahma; without Jaime Murray.


Conrad Von Bach

We finally get to meet the futuristic Indiana Jones and he turns out to be a good guy. Yeah, we know that Conrad Von Bach (Ian Ziering) is an arms dealer who sells to both sides of the war, but he doesn’t act like the scumbag we expected. He is witty, good looking and, he and Berlin have a history. Our first hint is when she knocks him to the ground. We later learn that Conrad and Berlin were in love until the wealthy and despicable Von Bach family broke up their little love nest. Conrad gives the town of Defiance the needed weapons, but Berlin will have to make a choice between Conrad and her friends.



There are more alien recruits than humans. Most of the humans have left town after hearing what a nutcase General Tak is. Nolan has to whip this ragtag militia into shape, but he’s working with farmers and shop keepers who are wondering why the Amazon Goddess of the Badlands isn’t out there with them. This has been a great season for Stephanie Leonidas to show more of her character’s inner turmoil and she didn’t fail us tonight. Irisa had to fight against her natural reluctance to kill. The people of Defiance would not fight without their goddess, but could she kill even if it meant saving the town?


Nolan has his hands full. Berlin has decided to follow her heart and go with Conrad. Is she a traitor? I don’t think so. Berlin has lost enough in the war between earth and the Votan Collective. Conrad proclaims his love to her as a movie, All That Heaven Allows, featuring Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman plays in the background. Let’s hope that Berlin doesn’t meet any sharks while she’s with Conrad. Ian Ziering will be returning to his role as Fin Shepard in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!.


Irisa was unable to play the part of the Amazon Goddess. The death of Tommy was too fresh in her mind, but Nolan was able to keep his militia together in the end. Stahma has been forced to swallow one of Kindzi’s devices and finds herself aboard the Omec ship. Alak changes his mind and brings baby Luke to say goodbye to Datak as the heavy stones are placed inside the basket. Alak tells his son that Datak was a man with flaws, but he was still a man of honor.

Defiance - Season 3

We don’t actually see Datak die, so I am hoping that something interferes with his death…like the enemy breaking through under the stasis net. Lt. Bebe, who has been taking injections to look human, is the first one through the tunnel.

I hope Datak isn’t dead. Nolan is going to need all the help he can get.

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