Twin Peaks S02 E08: Drive with a Dead Girl


Sometimes, the monster is someone you know. Sometimes, the monster stares at you from the mirror. On last week’s episode of “Twin Peaks,” The giant gave the warning, but it was too late. Maddy met BOB and no one heard her screams.


We hear the screams coming from the Palmer house. We know what is happening, but when the camera closes in on the Palmer home, Leland is busy practicing his golf swings. Golf balls are all over the living room and Leland is behaving as though nothing sinister ever happened. A young girl has lost her life. When Donna and James come to say goodbye to Maddy, Leland tells them that she’d already left for the bus. Even Sarah acts as if nothing happened which confirms what we already knew. Leland drugged Sarah. The monster is all smiles as he chats with the kids, but the mirror never lies and we know that Bob is in control. Where has he hidden Maddy’s body? Maddy’s tomb for now is a golf bag.


Leland is no longer funny. We see him for what he is and the dance routines that made us laugh on season one, now make us shiver. Is Leland a sociopath? All he wants to do is dance. He shows no regrets or guilt over killing Laura and Maddy. What was it about Leland that made it so easy for BOB to possess him? Didn’t Sarah ever question Leland’s strange behavior? Did she know what he was doing to Laura? Leland is able to trick everyone into thinking his weird behavior is due to his grief; almost everyone.


Jerry visits Ben at the jail. Jerry is Ben’s lawyer, but he has doubts. When you’re a snake in the grass, it’s hard to get the other snakes to believe in your innocence. Jerry asks Ben where he was on the night of Laura’s murder. With Catherine dead, Ben has no alibi. The brothers talk about their teen years, bunk beds, and a babysitter dancing with her flashlight.


Ben is prodded and poked for forensic evidence. When Jerry spews out some legal mumbo jumbo, Cooper sets him in his place, then pulls out the diary and reads from it. Ben can’t talk his way out of this mess. Jerry suggests that Ben might need a better lawyer. You think?

Lucy is back and Andy faints. But I don’t want to talk about them. I want to talk about the quiet deputy. I love how Hawk just shrugs off all the foolishness that goes on at that police station. Michael Horse’s character, Deputy Tommy Hawk Hill, keeps his cool while everyone else is falling apart. He is the perfect lawman, but he’s surrounded by bizarre people like Andy, Lucy, and even, Cooper. If anything ever happened to Harry, Hawk should take over as sheriff.

Speaking of bizarre people, Cooper and Harry catch Leland doing an impromptu lounge act in the center of a busy hotel lobby with his golf club. Harry tells Leland that Ben has been charged with Laura’s murder. Leland does some convincing crocodile tears for the law men, but Cooper is suspicious. The madness behind the Leland’s eyes is getting harder to control and that two-step out the door sets the theme for the rest of the episode.

Bobby is listening to that he found in Leo’s boot. He knows that Ben hired Leo to burn down the saw mill. Leo, the cash cow has turned into a sinkhole, but crafty Bobby has plans. He is going to blackmail Ben. I’m not sure where the Leo story is leading us, but it’s getting boring.

Norma’s mother drops by the Double R to introduce her new husband, Ernie Niles. Vivian doesn’t know it but Hank and Ernie are friends from prison. We pick up right away that Norma and Vivian don’t have a close relationship. No hugs or kisses between the two. That wouldn’t happen in an Italian family. Italians like to hug everyone. Even the mailman gets a hug when he delivers our mail. At least Vivian likes Hank.


I’m getting tired of the Gerard character and his meaningless mumblings. So I’m not even going to mention anything about the scene, but Pete dropping by the jail to visit Ben was awesome. What better way to drop the bomb that Catherine is not only alive, but ready to make Ben’s life a living hell. Catherine will vouch for Ben, but baby, it’s going to cost him. Kudos, Catherine!


BOB is in complete control. BOB and Leland! I asked this question earlier. What was it about Leland’s character or lack of, that made it possible for Bob to control him? Evil can’t survive in a vacuum. It needs help. It needs people pretending that they don’t know what’s going on. Sarah had to know that her husband was sneaking into Laura’s room at night. Women know, believe me they know, and yet, Sarah did nothing.


Ben and Jerry are lower than rat shit, but they are a step above Leland. Didn’t they suspect their partner of evil acts? Actor Ray Wise has had to play two characters over the two seasons. When Ray does Leland as the bereaved father, who turns into Fred Astaire at the drop of a hat, he is brilliant. When Ray does the Leland/BOB character, he is freaking scary.

Ray Wise’s BOB is the ultimate boogeyman. When Harry and Cooper pull Leland/BOB over for his careless driving, it’s evident that BOB isn’t afraid of the law. If Leland’s arrested, all BOB has to do is find a new host. Maybe, that’s why Leland/BOB looked about ready to swing that club at Cooper’s head. BOB had nothing to lose.


While Cooper is recording a message to Diane, there is a knock on the door. It’s Audrey. She wants to know if Cooper arrested her father. She seems relieved. Audrey is such a sweet soul. She was worried about her reputation. Audrey had always played the wild child, but in truth, she is still an innocent. She tells Cooper that no man touched her while she was at One Eyed Jacks. Before he can reply, Cooper gets a call. He tells Audrey to go to her room and lock the door.


A body is found. It’s Maddy.  She’s wrapped in plastic.

Trivia Time: How many times did Sheryl Lee play a dead body wrapped in plastic?


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