Orphan Black S03 E10: History Yet To Be Written


It’s the season finale, and for the fans of “Orphan Black,” it’s come way too fast. On last week’s episode: Helena morphed into mother grizzly; Mrs. S belted out a tune; Gracie betrayed her friends and, we found the Castor original in London! Can you say Mommy Dearest?


Coady and Ferdinand are looking for the clones, but Sarah’s gone to ground so they send Rudy to track down the soccer mom. In this final episode of the season, we are led to believe that the show will end with a big climatic cliffhanger as in season two, but we soon realize that the creators and the writers of “Orphan Black” are as clever as the clone club when it comes to surprises.

Rudy is the most dangerous of all the Castor clones, but he’s sick and the clock is ticking. He is given the order to find the original clone, but Kendall Malone played feistily by actress Alison Steadman, is at a safe house with Scott, Mrs. S, Cosima and Felix. They need to find a cure for both Castor and Leda clones.


While everyone else reacts sharply to the cantankerous Malone, it is Cosima who understands the old woman’s fears. Cosima’s gentle ways convince Malone, who is not only a chimera, but also the mother/sister of the clone club, to cooperate. That’s right! Malone is genetically the mother and sister of the Castor and Leda clones. I loved the conversation between Mrs. S and her mother, especially when Mrs. S threatens Malone with a sulfuric acid bath if she doesn’t keep quiet.

But, Sarah and Mrs. S know that Topside will not stop until they find Malone so they hatch a plan and, what a great plan it is! How do you stop a Castor clone? Find Mark. I am so happy that Mark and Gracie are working with the girls.


I really love Helena. Tatiana Maslany plays all the clones perfectly, but Helena seems to have morphed into her own entity. Of all the clones, her life has been the harshest. Yes, she is a trained killer, and yes, in season one she was freaking scary, but she grew on me. I found myself worrying about the little mad hatter. The relationship between her and Donnie has been lots of fun this season. While Alison concentrated on winning the school board election, Donnie and Helena took care of a pesky drug dealer.


Donnie repays Helena with finding her true love, Jesse (Patrick J. Adams). I thought this character was gone for good, but thankfully, Jessie has been brought back. Things were getting pretty steamy until Helena received a phone call. She had one more piece of business to take care of. Helena stays with Rudy until he dies. She is the most compassionate of the clones.


I never knew if Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) was one of the good guys or the bad. But, tonight she proved her loyalty to the clone club. She arranges a meeting between Ferdinand and Sarah. A deal is made. Ferdinand can have some of the original DNA, if he leaves the clones alone. Delphine also learns that the woman in the hospital bed is not Rachel, and thankfully, Krystal still has possession of both her eyes. So, where is Rachel? She’s safely tucked away and she also has a bionic eye.


Did you ever look at a sample of the double helix? There is nothing simple about genetics and there is nothing simple about the research done for this show. The writers have to make sure that the science facts are accurate because if they don’t, we won’t believe in the show. Delphine learns about Neolution from Dr. Nealon (Tom McCamus). You remember that word, right? It was mentioned several times in season one. Dr. Nealon is working for someone or something that is more powerful than Topside. Dr. Nealon might not be human. What the hell was that worm that he tried to force into Delphine’s mouth as he died?

Alison Hendrix (TATIANA MASLANY)

Ferdinand surprises us all by killing his hitman, an agent for Neolution, before disposing the body into the acid bath. I hope we’ll be seeing more of James Frain’s Ferdinand next season. Maybe Ferdinand will be an ally. Delphine says goodbye to Shay and Cosima. Alison wins the election. While the clone club has a celebration dinner, Delphine is killed. We’ll have to wait until next season to see who the killer is. RIP Delphine.


This season ended on a happy note in spite of the horror of seeing that worm crawl out of Nealon’s mouth and the implications of what this means. Sarah is back with her daughter and Rachel is a prisoner of Susan Duncan. Why does Susan want Rachel to be Charlotte’s mom? Can’t wait to see where this story is going.

The clone club has a new enemy to fight; Neolution. See you next year, my little clones.

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  1. Loved this episode! I’ve been hoping for the last few episodes that Mark would end up siding with the Seestras, so that was great. Lovely ending. A nice touch that almost everyone gets to have a rest and some fun during the hiatus.

    1. Thank you for visiting Biff Bam Pop! I was, like you, so happy that at least one of the Castor clones had a chance for happiness and that our girls were once again a family. I can’t wait to see where the Neolution part of the story takes us. This show just keeps getting better. If you haven’t watched Penny Dreadful, you should. It is written just as well as Orphan Black.

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