Orphan Black S03 E08: Ruthless in Purpose, And Insidious in Method


On last week’s episode of “Orphan Black,” we met Alison’s mom aka the Ice Queen. So, I guess we finally understand why Alison is the way she is. While Mrs. S and Felix try to find a new home for Helena, Rachael plays a board game and, we meet Krystal. The clone club is growing.

Dr. Coady

How did this bitch survive the blast? Damn, and now she’s aware that there is a Castor spy working at Leda. The remaining castor boys will die if Dr. Coady doesn’t get her grubby hands on the original material. How careless are these people anyway and how do you lose genetic material? Where is Mark?



The clone club has a new member, but she’s not self-aware and Sarah wants to keep her that way. Krystal was briefly shown in the season premiere when two of the Castor boys, Rudy and Seth, tried to stick her into the trunk of their car. I had forgotten about her, but it looks like Tatiana’s Krystal is here to stay. Krystal is a refreshing escape from the other events of this week’s show. Krystal reminds me of Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) from Legally Blonde especially when she talks like a Valley girl to Felix about twins and clowns.

Yep, I like Krystal but it looks like the kid will become a pawn in the tug of war between the Castor Clones and the Leda Clones, if Rachel gets her way.


This entire episode focused on trust. Who do you trust and why? Cosima and Delphine may have once been an item, but now, Cosima keeps secrets. Cosima and Scott make a deal with Rachael; solve the code and they’ll help her escape. How did Rachel know about Krystal and, why did Sarah and Felix do Rachel’s dirty work by stealing Krystal’s wallet and identification? Felix hit it on the nail when he tells Rachel that Krystal is worth ten of her. Tatiana Maslany went out of her comfort zone playing the perky Krystal, but she did not disappoint her fans.


Donnie and Alison have their own share of trust problems. Donnie is jealous of Jason and he has a good reason to be. There might still be some residual sparks between Alison and Jason. Donnie, the big ox, not only has to deal with Jason hitting on his wife, but now he has to open his home to Helena and Gracie. I love Tatiana’s Helena. She is my favorite clone with Alison a close second. Helena and Gracie will be helping out in the Hendrix’ shop. This should be fun.

Helena, the clone who has been shown the least compassion, is the first one to step up and offer the needed hug to a fellow victim. Is Mark alive, and if he is, why isn’t he with Gracie? Helena let slip an important clue tonight. Did you pick up on it?

Scott is a trustworthy friend to Cosima. He is the geek version of Jordan Gavaris’ Felix, and like Felix, Scott has risked his life to help Cosima and the other clones. What do we really know about Scott? He is a geek with geek friends who have geek names like: ‘Rune War,’ ‘Painmaker’ and ‘Hell Wizard.’ Scott comes home to nice, clean apartment to find Rudy holding his cat ransom.


Cosima placed her trust in Rachel. She ignored Delphine’s attempts at reconciliation and her warnings about Shay’s loyalty. I was surprised when she brought Shay to work. Cosima is sick and the prognosis isn’t good. She finally tells Delphine about her near death experience, but this was after she handed in her resignation. Scott put his faith into Rachel’s promise that she would decipher the code. Scott with the help of his friends went all mission impossible and whisked Rachael away from Dyad.


Felix wanted to tell Krystal the truth about the clone club. I think in this case, Sarah should have listened. Krystal was already putting the clues together. She had a right to know that she wasn’t alone, but because Sarah didn’t trust Felix’s intuition, Krystal was captured by Dr. Nealon.


We are nearing the close of season three and the writers are doing an excellent job of tightening the web that holds our clones in limbo. Sarah, Cosima and Scott bet on the wrong horse and because they did, Scott and Cosima are out of work, Krystal is in a coma and the tricky Rachel is getting a prosthetic eye. Rachel proved once again that she is the last person you should ever trust. Sarah’s only recourse; return to London. Oh, and about that clue. Helena has a thermos with her babies stored inside. I’m dying to see how this plays out.

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